Hey, Baby

It’s going to be another five post week.

The song by the Texas Tornadoes (Hey, Baby), Que Paso has a line Come on, baby, turn around. When I hear that line I always visualize a woman being asked to turn around and show off her assets in her tight jeans. No doubt caused by too many nights swelling beer and dancing with the girls in various Texas dance halls.

The next line in the song bursts my bubble

Let me see your pretty blue eyes

Here is one of many versions of it. Terrible video, but it’s in a place I used to frequent.

OK, this is Jeep off-road humor.

4 thoughts on “Hey, Baby”

  1. That last photo. I’ve been trying to decipher it. I have several possibilities

    It could simply be a yoga class searching for a lost contact lens

    It could be an interpretation of “Hell” for someone with erectile dysfunction

    It could be a photo from the Hubble telescope showing the ring around Uranus

    It could be President Kamala Harris’s new choices for her cabinet members all supporting her same position.

    All I know is that image is now burned in my mind

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