Little Debbie

These pictures of the Nu-West model Little Debbie are probably the most-posted spanking pictures ever. I came across the most complete set from the photoshoot I have ever seen and decided to share them with you.

I recall a story about this lass. At least I think it was about her. She enjoyed being spanked by her boyfriend thought this would be an easy way to make some money. One afternoon with Brenda Marshall was enough for her. Did she bite off more than she could chew in this session?


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  1. Call me old school but I loved the days when women still had a full bush.
    Nu-west always had the best spanking videos.
    Wonder what those Nu-west women look like now.

    1. hands,

      I agree!

      Female pubic hair provided a bit of G-string type concealment without the annoying strings intruding into the spanking target area.

  2. She has such a teeny little bottom. And cute too. Interesting that was her mom in real life.
    Those pics must have been taken by a 35MM camera, they are too clear to be still from a VHS or Super 8 from back in the day when Nu West / Leda got started.
    Here’s a link on her bio I happened upon:

      1. Question then; did Mom recruit Lil’ Debbie or did Lil’ Debbie recruit Mom?
        On the pubic hair issue, I prefer bald, with the exception of a landing strip. You can still make out her labia even through the jungle.

  3. Good question. I could not speculate. Mom seemed to have had some practice.

    I don’t look at the goodies, It’s all about spanking for me. We hot-tubbed with some couples for several years. All the women were bald, except Bacall. Their husbands must have really liked it as one night I saw a magazine named Shaved Beavers or something like that left out,

    Spanked quite a few women, I never looked. My focus was on the spanking.

    1. My understanding on the bald “goodies” is the women prefer it. Getting rid of the matted hair allows for direct “skin to skin” caressing , licking and touching. Works for me, I am manscaped and love it. And no pube patooey.

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