Saturday Musings

This is not a sour grapes post. For me, Trump became intolerable in February, even before he jumped into the Asian Flu mess. He could have still won had he just kept his mouth shut until November. An impossibility I surmise.

Donald Trump is likely to go down in history as one of the most effective and most despised one-term presidents in American politics. So despised was he by those opposed to him that even now they won’t admit his effectiveness. But until the Covid-19 crisis, which had much more to do with bringing him down than did Joe Biden and the Democratic Party, Mr. Trump’s policies had vastly lowered unemployment rates, cut away entrepreneurially inhibiting financial regulations, and revved up the stock market. His enemies called him a racist, but his opportunity zones, prison reform and encouragement of black enterprise generally did much more for African-Americans than his African-American predecessor did. In foreign policy he cut America free from a badly conceived Iran deal, made substantial strides toward peace in the Middle East, and showed himself a greater friend to Israel than any American president in recent history.
That’s a lot, and it should have counted for a lot, had his rebarbative personality not served to negate these accomplishments. Almost daily he demonstrated he was devoid of graciousness. Without the suavity of the statesmen or the bonhomie of the practiced politician, in both his tweets and most of his public performances he revealed a taste for insult, an unrelenting boastfulness and arrogance, and a general coarseness.

Had Hunter Been Covered Before The Election that would have had some effect. The electoral margin in three states—Georgia, Wisconsin and Arizona—that combined to give Joe Biden 37 electoral votes, and the presidency was a little under 43,000 votes. That might have put those states in Trump’s column. But would it have done any good as Trump kept up with his insane comments.


Let’s see how this works out 

Joe Biden checked two Democratic boxes—Hispanic and lefty—on Monday by tapping California Attorney General Xavier Becerra to run Health and Human Services. Progressives are ecstatic, but Mr. Becerra’s views and lack of health-care experience are cause for close Senate confirmation scrutiny.
The Democratic identity politics crowd has been clamoring for Mr. Biden to appoint another Hispanic to his cabinet in addition to Alejandro Mayorkas at Homeland Security. Rhode Island Gov. Gina Raimondo had been a top contender for HHS, but she was vetoed by progressives as too white, too moderate and apparently also too qualified.
Mr. Becerra has no expertise in how drug and insurance markets function, let alone experience running a health-care bureaucracy. His apparent primary qualification is that he’s filed 100 some lawsuits against the Trump Administration, though he’s won relatively few and lost on health-care issues.
The area where he could do most damage is drug innovation. Medicare price controls that the Trump HHS jammed through last month are likely to be enjoined by courts, but Mr. Becerra has shown he also wants to bully drug makers in ways that would limit access to new medicines.
Mr. Becerra’s selection is what happens when identity and ideology trump experience and expertise. He is Mr. Biden’s most disappointing choice so far.
Covid-19 is the first disease to have an antivaccine movement before it had a vaccine. So-called “antivax” sentiment has grown in recent years, leading to outbreaks of measles and other previously controlled infections. Doctors and community leaders tell me that they have already heard people say things like, “I’m not going to take that Trump vaccine.”

will never make a man correct an ill opinion, which by reasoning he never acquired…
~ Jonathan Swift ~

One Dozen Pair Of White Panties – II

Once in blue moon, I see a spanking on SpankingTube that interests me. This is one of them. Light hearted, playful and they talk to each other. If you have a SpankingTube account sign on and give them a like. 27th Birthday Spanking


And now another baker’s dozen + 1 of white panties just in time for a white Christmas.

Spanked By Your Girl Friends Mother

This photo has been around for a long time. Nu-West created it. I don’t think it’s from a film, but just a still photo. It’s been captioned many ways, I think this is the original Nu-West caption.

Through the lens of time, I wonder what I would have done if I were the 17 year old she was talking to. Spankings were something I feared then. Would I have suffered the pain to my flesh in order to continue to enjoy the pleasure of her flesh? errr, I meant her company. Would I have manned-up and taken the spanking because if she could endure it then I could.

Footnote – Nu-West was careless in showing an office style clock and a calculator in what was intended to be a home setting.


Your Privacy

Think you are hiding on the web, by not posting or doing so anonymously. You are fooling yourself. I will get into all that in another post. This one is about the information on your credit report.
Take a deep breath – it’s a long sentence.
A typical report includes your first, middle, and last names, as well as other names you’ve used on an official document like a utility bill or a credit card application or a property deed; name variations; your date of birth; your Social Security number; the state your Social Security number was issued in; the approximate date your Social Security number was issued; the names of other people who have been associated with your Social Security number; home phone numbers; mobile phone numbers; phone numbers you have used previously, landline and wireless carriers; your address and every address linked to you during the past generation; the counties in which those addresses are located; the approximate dates you have been linked to those addresses; the names of the owners of every address you have ever been linked to; your driver’s license number and the state in which it was issued; the cars you have registered in your name, along with the model, make, and vehicle identification numbers of those cars and the dates those cars were registered; your current and former employers and other companies linked to you; professional credentials (such as an accounting or law or pilot’s license); planes you have owned; boats you have owned; your voter registration information, including the state in which you are registered; your party affiliation and the date of your most recent vote; any hunting and fishing permits you have; tax liens placed on you; civil judgments against you; Uniform Commercial Code financing statements naming you; the names, states, and addresses of companies you have set up; the names of other people who helped you set up those companies; the names of your close relatives, the names of your neighbors, and the names of your neighbors from every place you have lived in the past generation; the block, lot, and parcel number of every one of those addresses; the assessed value and market value of every one of those properties; the census information on any addresses linked to you and your neighbors and neighborhoods; the dates the buildings you lived in were built; the most recent sale price of every one of those properties; how much you paid for any piece of real estate you have bought; the amount of any mortgage you took out to make those purchases; the names of the people or companies that sold you those properties; the names of the people or companies who bought those properties from you; certain criminal records; and your bankruptcies.”
— The Modern Detective: How Corporate Intelligence Is Reshaping the World
Now consider, if you will, tying that information to your online presence with the email addresses you use. I’m betting your bank and the DMV have your email. You say you have a vanilla and kink email. But, are they tied together as recovery emails? Did you give your phone number for “recovery” purposes?

Full Throttle Paddling

Every few years, Bacall does something that I feel she needs to be paddled for. She suffers, or should I say I suffer, from her Empty Container Syndrome.

You don’t know what that is? Well, as an example, it’s when you put a pack of sliced cheese with only one slice remaining back in the refrigerator and do not note it on the shopping list. 

I settled her account this morning with several brisks paddle licks. I then followed with a normal paddling.

I figured there would be payback and there was. She found her arm was in really good form and paddled me full throttle.

When Did It Start For You?

Spankos can be divided into many groups. One is those who need a spanking for spanking’s sake. Not for discipline. Not erotic. This group is difficult for me to understand. Jillian Keenan says she is one of them. She has a need to have her bottom slapped. No erotic play, no discipline of any kind, no sex – nothing.  The spanking is the be-all and end-all.

Some started fantasizing about being spanked from an early age, five or six years old. Long before sex was thought about.

Others added spanking after they were sexualized. I am one of them, I have spanking wrapped around my sex drive.


Tis the Season

A reader wondered how our Red Panty Days of Christmas was going this year. Not so much. Bacall has donned red panties every day this month and I have given her some paddle pops. The damn disease I have has me without much energy or enthusiasm for play.

I Googled and found this Red Panties Post from 2017.

You can find more with this argument.

“red panties” site:


This is the time of the year when spanking blogs publish Christmas pictures. I have probably published some of these before and they have been picked up by other blogs. So here are some repeats and some new ones. Yeah, Bacall is in the mix.

Let’s started with one Bacall did many years ago.