Those Iron Bottom Maidens

Free advice, worth exactly what you paid for it.

There are some women, men too, for which too much is not enough. We all want to be satisfied that our spanking was enough no matter how hard or how long we may like it. Spankers don’t like to disappoint the iron bottom lasses whose will and backsides require extra effort.

The first time I spank a woman no matter how detailed she may have been before we get started, I always check in to see how she is fairing with a simple question. “Tell me the truth, am I spanking you too hard?” They always answer “No”.

Another thing I do is say “That was a 6 on a 1-10 scale, should I go up or down”

The next time, I have a much better idea of how to spank her. If she falls into what I term the Iron Bottom Lass category, there are two “tricks” that may make the spanking stand out in her mind. Neither is widely practiced, so it may well be her first experience with it.

Yeah, I Can Take More

One is rubbing mineral oil on her bottom. Any oil might do, but mineral oil is orderless and does not stain bedclothes. I give a hand spanking and then rub the oil on. She may think the spanking is over and may feel disappointed. That notion will quickly disappear when I resume with a wood paddle. I can not account for the physics of it, but the sting factor goes up by at least a magnitude. I can almost guarantee wiggling and vocals.

Water is also good, but I find it needs to be replenished after every lick. A spray bottle just can not stay up. What to do? I found that by sitting on the side of a tub with my legs inside, her OTK and the spray aimed at her bottom, the licks really count. You will get wet, the bath will get wet, but she will remember the spanking for some time. You could get the same effect in a shower made for two.

3 thoughts on “Those Iron Bottom Maidens”

  1. ….You could get the same effect in a shower made for two….
    Exactly! I think you know that Lexan is 100% waterproof, a desirable property for in-shower use!

  2. Great advice to ask the spankee how she/he is doing. As you say, usually they will ask for more if you are bringing along the intensity properly.

  3. The way I view spanking a woman is that I am a service and I should try to get it right for her, not me. Not any different from giving a back rub or eating pussy. Make it work for her. That does sound very dommy and I am not.

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