Girdle Spankings

I grew up with Nu-West. Ed Lee knew what I liked. OK, the whips were a turn-off, but most of his pictures and films appealed to me.

This is a classic Nu-West picture. I love my spanker to be in a panty girdle. I am not a fan of the cane, so this would be better for me if she had a wooden paddle in her hand.

Like this, but I prefer a panty girdle. Some folks just can not be pleased.

Love this picture

Like long-distance calls, girdles are mostly just a memory.


3 thoughts on “Girdle Spankings”

  1. My-west, Leda films always was the best for femdom action. Probably always will be. They don’t make them like that anymore.
    Those women were all attractive, they dressed the part. Most films they stripped right down to nothing.
    Always was a fantasy of mine to be in one of their movies.

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