Sue and I knew a bit about each other from reading each other’s online profiles, but we had never met or even chatted online.  I knew she was married and she and her husband switched, but since she had not given any hint that they might attend a party I did not pursue her. So it was a surprise to me when they did come to a party. I did not talk with her long, but later that night she came to me and said “You are sitting on what I want to paddle”. That’s all it took for me to follow her to her room where she expertly gave me the most wonderful spanking of my life.

This memory came back to me the other day when I was corresponding about leather slappers. The ones with a slightly flexible piece of thin steel sown between the leather sides.

This is what Sue used on me. My profile indicated that I did not care for a warmup and she remembered that, confirmed it and she got right down to business. My bottom had the most wonderful glow for hours afterward.

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