4 thoughts on “Boo!”

  1. One of the funniest Halloween costumes I have ever seen; a guy, very hairy chest and legs, in the Hooters shorts and shirt, with a blond wig and sunglasses. He also had a large bullet bra stuffed with whatever, guy really pulled it off!
    Bacall as a madam? A spanking madam?
    The 2 lovelies in the bottom are sure having fun offering up their delightful bottoms at what appear to be a spanking party. Sure would love to have either, better yet, both over my knee for a spell.

  2. Great idea… I’m sure Ms. Bacall would have made a ‘helluva Madam in charge, down at the ‘ye ‘ol ‘Chicken Ranch’ for spankophiles!

  3. Many years ago I once went to a Halloween party with nothing on but a pair of roller skates. My costume was that of a “Pull Toy”

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