Spanking With Passion

I have spanked quite a few women over the years. However, only a few are truly memorable to me. In the others, we were going through the motions but we were never able to connect to each other minds. There was promise in the notes and phone calls, but in real life, some were a letdown.

I don’t think it was my fault, nor hers. Relationships built on an initial rush of emotions can not last. Spanking without passion, spanking without chemistry, spanking without an emotional foundation can be empty. Spanking can never be a substitute for a relationship. That said, I have always been attracted to the prospect of finding something special, even if it can not last.

“By the end of our session, her lovely bottom was bright red. We moved to the bedroom. We slept in the same bed but nothing sexual followed. The mood was not one of sexual passion but of shared intimacy and trust. It felt like we’d been two friends sharing in something, not two lovers or strangers indulging in a horny act.”

That brings some especially pleasant memories to mind. I will share one with you. We were cuddling after I had paddled her. She told me in detail about a paddling she got as a teen from a teacher. Her mother was present and had her bend bare bottom over a chair for some really hard licks from the teacher. I had not been easy on her, but I decided she was telling me this to ramp things up a few notches. I asked her if we should play it out. Of course, she wanted to. I used a formidable paddle full force on her. She was in a trance at the end. We cuddled for a long time and shared more thoughts and feelings. Sometimes, that can be as good as sex for both.

I miss that. I really do.

2 thoughts on “Spanking With Passion”

  1. Interesting story, and that she did not want to have sex or achieve orgasm following.
    Perhaps for her spanking is purely a tension release? And nothing sexual about it? Maybe that teacher paddling changed her perception that it is for when she has been bad and not for fun? On the other hand, orgasm is an amazing release. Perhaps further, she did not know how to achieve orgasm with a partner? Doesn’t this concept keep Cosmopolitan in business with a regular onslaught of article on the topic of women who cannot get the big O with their man?
    Difficult to say, but her reasons are hers and we all should accept her decisions.

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