Bacall’s Schoolroom Paddling

I referenced this in a recent post and a reader wanted to know more. So I found the details in this 2009 post.

Bacall once got a schoolroom paddling, not in school, but in a public play space. We went along with another couple as a lark.

The place was in what was a warehouse. It had what we imagine were the usual fare; crosses for flogging, a medical room, etc. What caught our eye was a small schoolroom. We found the room empty and Bacall went into an unrehearsed role saying that she could not be paddled because of who her Daddy was and ya-ta ya-ta. She is quite an accomplished role player and can come up with original and amusing excuses by the gross.

While she was yammering on about why she was too precious to be paddled, I am getting her ready for the paddle. I am aware that two or three men are looking through the door into the room, but while Bacall was over the desk I was focused on paddling her had my back was to the door.

I popped her bare bottom several times and she carried on with appropriate theatrics about what her Daddy was going to do to me.

It was only when I put the paddle down did I notice the gaggle of men looking through the door frame. Some were even squatting in order to get a view. I suspect it was the highlight of their week.

3 thoughts on “Bacall’s Schoolroom Paddling”

  1. “Highlight of their week”?!?! I’d say more like their year. What an amazing show it would be to see Bacall’s lovely bottom taking the paddle, going from pretty pink to deep rosy pink, and her theatrics raising it to an exponential high.
    We can only hope that if those lucky onlookers were interested in spanking, giving and/or getting, that you and Bacall helped them pull the trigger to try it out.
    Thanks for taking time to share!

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