8 thoughts on “Short Shorts”

  1. The knit is definitely different, in a good way. I bet they slide off really easily.
    The bottom pic, I would gamble there’s a nifty cameltoe show on the other side.

  2. Short shorts are ideal as, when taken over her disciplinarian’s knee, she is immediately aware that a lot of her lower buttocks are already conveniently bare for him. He can add to her humiliation by further hoisting them high into her butt crack.

    1. You are so correct that their cheeks are already exposed and that’s what exciting to me and makes me think about spanking even if I have never seen her before. You think a lot of women feel humiliation about exposure?

    2. I do not spank, get or give, for the purpose of “humiliation”. I do it because I like it. Spanking also is enjoyable and intensifies climaxes. As much as I love my spanking partner, I also have respect for her, holding her in the highest regard and would never intentionally do anything, spanking or otherwise, to cause her to feel humiliated. That would be wrong.

  3. Damm, I would Just love to take a bite of every single one of those bottoms. Simply luscious .

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