Paddled Together


One of my favorite fantasies is that Bacall and I are paddled together. We have swapped paddlings with another couple in the same room. But we never thought to be paddled next to each other by another couple. Wish we had thought of that back then. Side by side and also facing each other. Ken and Barbie being paddled by Ken and Barbie.



6 thoughts on “Paddled Together”

  1. The pic is more of an illustration than a photo; the old-time desks, chalkboard, even the clock. Great visual for the topic.
    A fun fantasy idea indeed, over the teacher’s desk side-by-side where you can turn your heads to see each other, perhaps even kiss. Or move the desk out, each of you at the ends, instructed to pick your heads up, then looking eye to eye and seeing each other’s face plus the paddle being dropped. Yeah, that’s a busy and fun fantasy! .😊

    1. You are dead on to my fantasy. It would be fun, especially as Bacall is something of a showoff with a sassy mouth when she wants to be. You should have been there when I paddled her in a schoolroom setting in a public play space. There must have been a dozen guys looking in and wishing.

      1. Bogey, that’s just bait! Let’s hear the rest! Or is that a post all of it’s own?
        I am envisioning you two were in some historic schoolhouse monument, Bacall, pulled up her dress or dropped her britches, leaned over the old desk while your belt was “vipping” out, then taken to her deserving bottom.

    1. “You two are in big trouble and you know why! Get those duds off, put those elbows on the table and those bottoms out! Now!” 😁❤

  2. Ditto… on the face to face simultaneous paddling fantasy! Another derivative I’ve had on that same theme is a dominant woman usually, alternating use of a small strap or martinet to both our backsides while we were in the throes of ‘in flagrante delicto.’

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