Between the devil and the deep blue sea

My Saturday postings started just after the last election when Erica whined that Trump had orange hair. She and millions like her had no concrete objection to Trump, just that he was not Hilliary. Geeze what shit show the last four years have been. Libtards whining and Trump being a jerk who always has to be right. If it were only possible for him to shut up, he would have handily been reelected. I seriously doubt he will win. So that should give all the Erica’s a tingle.

FYI, my political postings garner more eyeballs than any spanking post. I am sure the posts have run off some spankos and made others unwilling to comment for fear of being associated with my views.

Today’s Edition

If Democrats win up and down the ballot, progressives will control the commanding heights of nearly every American elite institution: Congress, the administrative state, Hollywood and the arts, the universities, nonprofits, Silicon Valley and nearly all of the media.
Why are American elites so enamored of authoritarian command and control? Why do they want to control my healthcare, how much water is used to flush a toilet? Aren’t there things that are more important?

The hard left has NO tolerance for anyone who does not agree with their ideas and desires, none whatsoever. They don’t just want to win, they want no -absolutely NO- opposing voices. Anywhere. Ever. They are the angriest, bigoted, intolerant petulant children imaginable. That’s you Erica and AOC, et al.

There is a new “hyper-intolerance” on the part of the upper classes, academics, and the media.

Trump’s Legacy expanding the economy, stopping most illegal immigration, empowering minorities economically in a historic fashion, making superb judicial appointments, recalibrating U.S. foreign policy on Iran and the Middle East, confronting China, restoring the industrial heartland, pardoning non-violent prisoners with cruelly long sentences, and ending optional overseas interventions while increasing the military budget. 

Biden’s Policies – The former Vice President is running as a reassuring moderate, a man of good character who can reunite the country and crush Covid-19 after the disruptive Trump Presidency. Yet he also is running on the most left-wing policy program in decades.

Voters have little idea about these policies because Mr. Biden mentions them only in the vaguest, general terms. The press barely reports them. Americans may think they’re voting for Joe’s persona, but they will get the platform of Kamala Harris, Nancy Pelosi, Elizabeth Warren and Bernie Sanders.

Mr. Biden has conformed himself and his agenda to the priorities of the left. He has ditched his long opposition to taxpayer funding of abortion. He supports tax rates on income and capital higher than any since the 1970s. His pro-union agenda harks back to the 1930s’ Wagner Act. His version of the Green New Deal would spend $2 trillion in four years and aims to eliminate fossil fuels with mandates and regulation.

These are not exaggerations. The details are on his website and in the Biden-Sanders unity agenda Mr. Biden endorsed after he won the nomination. Primary winners usually move to the center. Mr. Biden moved left to keep the Bernie brigades mobilized. Anyone who thinks Mr. Biden will be able to forget all this if elected doesn’t understand the fund-raising and media power of the Democratic left.

A fair consideration for voters is how long Mr. Biden will be able to handle the burdens of the Presidency. A capable staff and a forgiving press corps will cover for him as long as they can. Americans who vote for Mr. Biden may be voting for Ms. Harris as his successor sooner than they imagine.

Trump fatigue may well elect the man they think is Mr. Trump’s opposite in the hope of restoring more decorum and calm to American politics. They should know they may be voting for disruption of a different kind from the political left.

If Mr. Trump does lose, and takes a Republican Senate down with him, the cause will not be weak Republicans, incompetent campaign staff, or even the relentless partisanship of the press. Joe Biden and the Democrats couldn’t make Mr. Trump the third incumbent in a century to be fired after a single term. Only Donald Trump could do that.



I will leave with this thought about diversity vs unity by Victor Davis Hanson.
The Roman Empire worked as long as Iberians, Greeks, Jews, Gauls, and myriad other African, Asian, and European communities spoke Latin, cherished habeas corpus, and saw being Roman as preferable to identifying with their own particular tribe. By the fifth century, diversity had won out but would soon prove a fatal liability.
Rome disintegrated when it became unable to assimilate new influxes of northern European tribes. Newcomers had no intention of giving up their Gothic, Hunnish, or Vandal identities.
The propaganda of history’s multicultural empires — the Ottoman, the Russian, the Austro-Hungarian, the British, and the Soviet — was never the strength of their diversity. To avoid chaos, their governments bragged about the religious, ideological, or royal advantages of unity, not diversity.

Spanking With Passion

I have spanked quite a few women over the years. However, only a few are truly memorable to me. In the others, we were going through the motions but we were never able to connect to each other minds. There was promise in the notes and phone calls, but in real life, some were a letdown.

I don’t think it was my fault, nor hers. Relationships built on an initial rush of emotions can not last. Spanking without passion, spanking without chemistry, spanking without an emotional foundation can be empty. Spanking can never be a substitute for a relationship. That said, I have always been attracted to the prospect of finding something special, even if it can not last.

“By the end of our session, her lovely bottom was bright red. We moved to the bedroom. We slept in the same bed but nothing sexual followed. The mood was not one of sexual passion but of shared intimacy and trust. It felt like we’d been two friends sharing in something, not two lovers or strangers indulging in a horny act.”

That brings some especially pleasant memories to mind. I will share one with you. We were cuddling after I had paddled her. She told me in detail about a paddling she got as a teen from a teacher. Her mother was present and had her bend bare bottom over a chair for some really hard licks from the teacher. I had not been easy on her, but I decided she was telling me this to ramp things up a few notches. I asked her if we should play it out. Of course, she wanted to. I used a formidable paddle full force on her. She was in a trance at the end. We cuddled for a long time and shared more thoughts and feelings. Sometimes, that can be as good as sex for both.

I miss that. I really do.

Bacall’s Schoolroom Paddling

I referenced this in a recent post and a reader wanted to know more. So I found the details in this 2009 post.

Bacall once got a schoolroom paddling, not in school, but in a public play space. We went along with another couple as a lark.

The place was in what was a warehouse. It had what we imagine were the usual fare; crosses for flogging, a medical room, etc. What caught our eye was a small schoolroom. We found the room empty and Bacall went into an unrehearsed role saying that she could not be paddled because of who her Daddy was and ya-ta ya-ta. She is quite an accomplished role player and can come up with original and amusing excuses by the gross.

While she was yammering on about why she was too precious to be paddled, I am getting her ready for the paddle. I am aware that two or three men are looking through the door into the room, but while Bacall was over the desk I was focused on paddling her had my back was to the door.

I popped her bare bottom several times and she carried on with appropriate theatrics about what her Daddy was going to do to me.

It was only when I put the paddle down did I notice the gaggle of men looking through the door frame. Some were even squatting in order to get a view. I suspect it was the highlight of their week.

Trump’s Middle East Metamorphosis


George W. Bush and Barack Obama both tried to transform the Middle East. Neither found the kind of success he sought.

But as the U.S. has reduced its regional footprint and ambitions, the Middle East has begun to change on its own. One of the most recent signs of its metamorphosis was Saudi Prince Bandar’s blistering criticism of Palestinian leaders for their decades of poor decision-making. His words are underscored by his kingdom’s decision to open its airspace to commercial flights from Tel Aviv to Dubai. Taken with the United Arab Emirates shifting from not recognizing the Jewish state to building a warm peace and economic partnerships with Israel, it’s clear the region is moving away from the predictable sterility of the past toward something genuinely new.

In the new Middle East, the younger generation is turning its back on religious radicalism, and Arab public opinion is moving to accept the presence of a Jewish state. The Palestinians have lost their position at the center of Middle East politics, and it is Turkey and Iran, not Israel, that Arab rulers are most concerned to oppose.

Last week I asked U.A.E. Ambassador Yousef Al Otaiba to explain what was happening, and the first thing he did was point me to recent polls by the Zogby organization and 12th annual ASDA’A BCW Arab Youth Survey, which interviewed 4,000 young Arabs (18 to 24) in 17 countries.

President Trump’s peace plan, which many longtime Middle East experts dismissed as a ghastly blunder that would destroy the American role in Middle East peace negotiations, has turned out to be relatively popular on the Arab street. The Zogby survey found majorities in favor of the “Deal of the Century” in Egypt, Saudi Arabia and the U.A.E.

Asked to identify which countries had most increased their influence in the Arab world over the past five years, more young Arabs in the survey named the U.S. than any other country. (Only 16% named Russia.) Fifty-six percent considered America “an ally” of their country, up from a low of 35% in 2018.

On other issues, 67% of young Arabs in the survey agreed that “religion plays too big a role in the Middle East.” Seventy-six percent of young women and 70% of young men supported the idea of married women working outside the home.

If attitudes on the Arab street are changing, attitudes in the suites are changing even more. The picture that emerged from my conversation with Mr. Otaiba, which was underscored in a later talk with national security adviser Robert O’Brien, was that key Arab leaders have embraced the idea that better relations with Israel are critical to their states’ security and even survival.

It is Turkey even more than Iran that keeps some Arab leaders awake at night. President Recep Tayyip Erdogan has aligned himself closely with the Muslim Brotherhood, a regional Islamist movement that Mr. Obama once hoped could tame terrorism by introducing a moderate and democratic form of Islamist politics into the region. That dream died with Mr. Erdogan’s turn toward a more authoritarian approach, the incompetence of Mohamed Morsi’s government in Egypt, and the continuing support for violence by Brotherhood-affiliate Hamas.

Many Arab leaders fear that Turkey will use the brotherhood’s networks to build support for Ankara’s regional ambitions. Iran can only call on the minority Shiites for religious support, but Turkey can attract supporters from the Sunni majority.

Ironically, the current Arab nightmare is that the next U.S. administration won’t support Israel enough. Regional leaders fear that Team Biden would ignore Israeli as well as Arab objections, embracing Turkey, a North Atlantic Treaty Organization ally, despite Mr. Erdogan’s ambitions, and dropping sanctions against Iran as part of a return to the 2015 nuclear deal.

Close Arab cooperation with Israel will, some in the Gulf seem to hope, help keep that specter at bay. Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s agreement to defer annexations of West Bank territory in exchange for the relationship with the U.A.E. was a gift to both American political parties. Republicans could hail a foreign policy victory for Mr. Trump. For Democrats it meant that the Biden campaign and a President Biden would not be distracted by a bitter intraparty fight over the U.S. response to Israeli annexations. Aligned with Israel, the Arabs hope their voices will be heard more clearly and their interests taken more seriously no matter what happens in the November election.

Meanwhile, Mr. Otaiba believes that bringing Gulf capital into the Israeli economy and Israeli technical expertise to the Gulf can help Arab countries achieve economic results that will satisfy the restless younger generation. One suspects Washington would welcome having America’s Gulf allies displace China as an important source of foreign investment in Israel.

The Middle East has changed; American thinking will have to adjust.

Paddled Together


One of my favorite fantasies is that Bacall and I are paddled together. We have swapped paddlings with another couple in the same room. But we never thought to be paddled next to each other by another couple. Wish we had thought of that back then. Side by side and also facing each other. Ken and Barbie being paddled by Ken and Barbie.



Presenting The Paddle

Having to present the paddle that is going to be used on you can be fun or cause great apprehension.

I recall with, much pleasure, allowing the lasses to pick the paddle to be used. Without fail they would pick the biggest one. I suppose it was a challenge, see if you can break me with this. Or maybe I was such a wimpy paddler they figured I needed all the help I could get. BTW, my biggest paddle was not the meanest one.

 Jolie Fille

In my grade school, you were sometimes sent to another classroom to borrow a paddle. So not only did your class know you were going to paddled, so did everyone in the other classroom. Then it was bend over in the hall, so everyone got to hear.

Signing the paddle was done in my HS. But not by me. I did not care to hang around and be a buddy with the VP.

The Girls Turn

Some files that have been aging in the To Post folder. Maybe some of them will be new to you.

This is not Bacall, but being tied to a tree is a long time fav of hers. Even before I corrupted her.

Simply Classic – Hook Em Horns

Or Maybe This One With His Untucked Shirt Tail And Crumpled Pants. Geeze! She Is Cute And He Is A Slob

Really Cute Petite Bottom and Ugly Curtains

Another Classic Pose

I’ll Bet This Has Happened To Many Girls And She Has Seen Him Spanked As Well

OK, I have emptied The To Post Folder