Getting Paddled – I

Here it is Sunday morning. I am listening to Ava Maria sung by Luciano Pavarotti and thought I have not scheduled a post for Monday. So here is a rushed picture post. The title will draw lots of eyeballs.

I discovered I posted Getting Paddled II before this one. Other than the title, it does not make any difference.

A wood paddle on the bare bottom excites us. Maybe one of these pictures will excite you?

I have been told this picture is from a Pennsylvania company that made school furniture and coincidently promotional paddles. The paddles had a sales pitch printed on them and were given to teachers attending their sales exhibits. It’s certainly a nostalgic look the girl has.

Below, I like the expressions on both faces.

Above, my fav size bottom

I like this series of pictures as I am a sucker for short plaid skirts.

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4 thoughts on “Getting Paddled – I”

  1. Might as well go with the ‘countdown’ method at this point, yes?
    Next post will be … 2… 1… WHACK-off! (pun sorta’ intended)

  2. … and yes, she does look nostalgic. Can’t help but wonder if she’s fondly remembering something from her own school years; or thinking of a boyfriend she’d sure like a chance to use it on.

  3. On the first pic, she has a look of longing and sensual desire. It’s as though she has never received a whack from such a paddle is desirous have someone try it out on her.
    Love the facial expression on #2.
    And always love the “plaid skirt/catholic schoolgirl” look. Would love to see her expression when the paddle connected. Nice sequence Bogey!

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