Obsessed With Panties

I posted on my wood paddle fetish Monday. Today I post on my panty fetish.

So a reader sent me this picture, which fired off all three of my brain cells.

This may be her sister?

Readers know I have a panty fetish which dovetails nicely with women’s fondness for having lots of panties that they want to show off.

Twice I have whiled away afternoons spanking girls in every pair of “nice” panties they had and both times it was their idea. One time with Bacall and another time with a friend. We did not get through both of Bacall’s drawers of panties. Something else came up.

This is the way it started off

Notice the tongue

And then the panty show

Click to enjoy a sexy story?

One thought on “Obsessed With Panties”

  1. The Panty Show section deserved it’s own post.
    RE the Panty Show pics:
    #1 is cute because it is so cheeky, nice eye candy.
    But #3 and #4 are the ones a spanko wants to find. For when the wearer is bent over awaiting their fate or OTK, those are the type that are unceremoniously yanked down and left upon the thighs during the session. Perhaps if the bottom being spanked is dancing and wiggling around, they will loosen up and gravity will take them the rest of the way down? Yanking them down is like the kids in A Christmas Story unwrapping their presents.

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