The Strap

I am imagining this young woman is on Spring Break, visiting her grandparents. While exploring the attic, she finds this strap. It makes her think about the stories she heard from her mom, as well as her aunts, and uncles.

I imagine she is thinking about how it would feel on her bottom. Perhaps she will soon find out.


This was common in my school. They used a ruler, not a strap. Holding your hand out waiting was rough. You were not going to be writing for a while.

Good picture spoiled by truly ugly curtains

Bet this has happened many times

Submitted by an old friend and occasional reader


What is so important about filling RGB’s seat is, pardon me, supremely important to both parties for the simple reason that Congress no longer legislates. Congress, that leg of the three equal parts of our government has not functioned for some time. Instead of legislation, Congress relies on the agencies to promulgate rules. Most of what is accomplished, if that is the word for it, is now done in three ways, through rules published in the federal register, executive proclamations, and legislation from the bench.

So that one seat on the Supreme Court is immensely valuable to the Dem’s to advance an activist agenda and equally valuable to the Rep’s to adhere to the Constitution.

In essence, given the current composition of the Court, one person will control the government. That’s what the upcoming bloody fight will be about.  Should Trump’s nominee be confirmed it will mean more 6-3 and 5-4 decisions to temper big government. 

The brazen hypocrisy on both sides is almost beyond parody. I will not go into all that. My singular point in this post is that the seat is consequential because Congress is dysfunctional.

If you care to read a well-reasoned discussion of this I suggest you read this post by a well known spanking blogger, Strict Julie Spanks.

The left’s use of the judiciary as a parallel legislature has rarely been put clearly before Americans, in large part because Democratic candidates won’t talk about it. Another conservative on the Court won’t “make” conservative policy. It likely will force policy-making back into legislatures, where it belongs.


One good argument for a vote before Nov. 3 is having a full Court of nine Justices in the event of a contested election. The country would not be well served by 4-4 votes that allow disputes to be settled by a cacophony of lower courts. The Court itself will suffer if it looks dysfunctional on the crucial legal questions surrounding the legitimacy of an election. If Majority Leader Mitch McConnell has the votes to confirm, the case for doing so before Nov. 3 is compelling.


I don’t read every case before the Court. But, I do read a summary of each case. Second amendment cases get media attention, but the subjects before the Court are varied. If you want to know what the Court does the opinions are published.

The End Of Summer

The last day of Summer, the first day of Fall and my birthday

Time to put away the sundresses

And the swimwear also

OBB Stats are back to normal since I quit writing about things that interest me, but not a broad audience. You lurkers just want T&A. And you lurkers will not even give a ‘Like”. How many times can you read My M-I-L Spanked Me? Geeze, the all-time high post, which only pokes fun at those who hold the fantasy. Been thinking about a restricted Blog where everyone would have to make four comments or 10 Likes every year or be shut out. Hey, it’s my fucking birthday.

Your Choices

It’s coming down to the finish. Orange Man Bad or Mr. Goofball. Which of the two candidates is less preposterous? How it has come to a pass that two such undistinguished human beings are vying for the most significant political office in the world.  “Donald Trump is a boorish, narcissistic, self-aggrandizing, petulant child who has sown significant discord. He has little knowledge of his current job description or limitations.”

Mr. Biden,“ has a past of significant combativeness in the Senate, a penchant for hyperbole and feigning indignation and disgust for its theatrical effect. …And yes, in my opinion, he does exhibit obvious cognitive impairment.” And may I add a level of family corruptness that surpasses even Hillary.  A man who has been in government for 50 years without achieving anything notable. 

One with his baroque hairdo, the other with his sad hair plugs; one who speaks before he thinks, the other who doesn’t seem able to think very well while he is speaking.

What a choice we have.


The above was all I was going to say when I started this post on the 12th. Things got out of hand. So here is what has turned into The Week In Review.


Conclusive evidence has emerged that the American left is certifiably insane. After the shooting this week of two cops in Compton, a small contingent of antipolice protesters stood outside a hospital chanting, “We hope they die!” 


Black Lives My Ass – The so-called protests are not about black lives. BLM is funded by those who seek a socialist government here. Look it up. Read what the founders of BLM say about their goals in their own words.

A liberal initiative led by a co-founder of the Black Lives Matter movement is funded by a group linked to the Chinese Communist Party, it has been revealed. 

Alicia Garza, 39, is the principal of Black Futures Lab, an advocacy group she created two years ago that works ‘with black people to transform their communities’, according to their website. The link to the Chinese Progressive Association is explained on the Black Lab website.

The New York Post reports that the group is receiving funding from the San Francisco-based Chinese Progressive Association with ties to the People’s Republic of China.  

Garza has previously been described as a ‘trained Marxist’ by her BLM co-founder Patrisse Cullors. 


Mug shot of one of the Portland “protesters”.

It is common practice for these so-called protesters to stand inches from the faces of cops screaming insults and personal obscenities with no letup. It wasn’t long ago that everyone but the genuinely insane knew that if you did this to a cop, odds were you would be a) arrested and/or b) popped with a billy club. But these protesters get up into the faces of the police, shrieking because they know a) they will not be arrested, b) if they are arrested, they will be released quickly, and c) they will be released because the prosecutors in these cities probably won’t press charges. Instead, prosecutors in Dem cities are looking for reasons to cite the police for acts of violence.


Civil War? Should Trump win it would not surprise me that the current chaos devolves into civil war as the left will refuse to accept the election. That’s more plausible to me than the left claiming Trump will refuse to leave the White House.


I wonder how many of the west coast fires were set by Antifa types?


I thought the Abraham agreement between Bahrain, the U.A.E, and Israel was significant. Many folks would not even know these are countries, but Trump has brokered a deal to quell tensions and build a bulwark against Iran. The deal would not have been possible without Saudi approval.


I can’t quit. We can expect more of this under Harris/Biden

A bail fund promoted by Sen. Kamala Harris and some Joe Biden campaign staffers helped release a Minnesota man accused of sexually assaulting a child.

Records obtained indicate that the Minnesota Freedom Fund (MFF) assisted in the release of Timothy Wayne Columbus. 

Columbus, 36, was charged with first-degree criminal sexual conduct for allegedly sexually assaulting a young girl. She was around 8 years old.  


A Chastity Question

This has been in my post ideas folder since 2017. It comes from the blog A Dominant Wife.

Dear Miss Jay,

I have been married for three years and have “led” our marriage since our honeymoon when I first took my husband over my knee on the second night. My husband is very obedient, trustworthy and understands that, in our marriage, his sexuality is entirely subordinate to mine. I am not a big fan of penetrative sex so he has only been allowed to enter me twice since we married. I allow him to masturbate, in the bathroom, once a month which seems to me to be more than enough.

Recently I have noticed he is becoming erect and, worse, “dribbling” and even having nocturnal emissions. I am quite sure this has effected his behavior despite knowing he derives no pleasure from these lapses. They still represent unconscious disobedience and I would like to nip this in the bud. The whole point of having a chaste husband is to ensure that what pleasure he gets depends completely on my assessment of his performance in his marital duties.

I read your blog and know that you keep your husband in a cock cage. I have thought of putting my husband in such a device but I wondered if the fact his cock is in a cage might not be making too much of his male member. Drawing attention as it were. What are your thoughts?

A Young Wife

I am just drop-jawed. So two people that have little interest in PIV sex marry one another. Of course, the letter might be a hoax.



Entirely suitable spanking attire

So a reader who shares my fascination with girdles worn by women who don’t need one, sent this. It just ramps up my desire to paddle it.

So a few days later I see this picture

She is just going about mundane house chores, in unremarkable underwear, but damn if she is not deserving of a few smacks.

As one of my early bosses would say she has eyeballs

Looks she is having fun

Thigh-Hi Hose are always in style

Getting Paddled – I

Here it is Sunday morning. I am listening to Ava Maria sung by Luciano Pavarotti and thought I have not scheduled a post for Monday. So here is a rushed picture post. The title will draw lots of eyeballs.

I discovered I posted Getting Paddled II before this one. Other than the title, it does not make any difference.

A wood paddle on the bare bottom excites us. Maybe one of these pictures will excite you?

I have been told this picture is from a Pennsylvania company that made school furniture and coincidently promotional paddles. The paddles had a sales pitch printed on them and were given to teachers attending their sales exhibits. It’s certainly a nostalgic look the girl has.

Below, I like the expressions on both faces.

Above, my fav size bottom

I like this series of pictures as I am a sucker for short plaid skirts.

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