Spanked At School

Eight, count em 8, images that are suggestive of school paddlings.

You wish

On her way to the office with nothing but the paddle on her mind

I think most yearbooks in the 60’s had these types of posed pictures

8 thoughts on “Spanked At School”

  1. I like # 1 and 5. Must be the blue knickers. What happened to your not approving of spanking teens? Not that I mind.

    1. You Brits sure like dark-colored knickers.
      I am not an advocate of spanking kids. I guess these pictures could be taken that way.
      The paddling side of me is a result of what I experienced/endured in school.
      Both boys and girls got the paddle, but boys got it a lot more as we were not sneaky.
      I spanked all/most of the girls I dated in HS. They liked it.
      Most women into adult spanking have a school girl outfit – even tho they never wore one in school. I have always wondered about that.

    2. Ah, it just hit me. You were referring to my dislike of stories of teens being spanked in non-consensual situations. Like evil headmistress that relishes caning young girls and finding it turns them on. The difference is it would be a young male teen doing the same. Heck even a young female teen caning her friend. Coercion or consensual. Punishment or self-gratification by an adult. I see a difference.

    1. Well, you got a twofer today then.
      I am not Cajun, but we both enjoy the food. From Baton Rouge to Lafayette.
      Made my version of gumbo last week. Still have some in the refer. Drop by.

  2. Yearbook posed?
    Hmmm… well, I do remember the 60’s… ergo I obviously didn’t have as much fun as some.
    My guess is it’s just a case of art imitating life!

  3. That last photo reminds me of that one blond in high school that every guy wanted to bang and few did. The perpetual “CT” as we called her. (Cock teaser)

    Paddling at the time I went to school probably existed but wasn’t the norm , however I did get one hell of a OTK spanking from a teacher once.

    I wouldn’t call these photos “young girls”
    They’re all probably over 18 and younger than they look.

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