Yet More Callipygous Bottoms

I see if I do picture posts, OBB gets more eyeballs. You pervs.

So here are 11 more callipygous bottoms that I can dream about spanking. I only present the finest.

How about at least giving a Like, a comment would be appreciated.

Now how about a Like, a comment would be most appreciated.

8 thoughts on “Yet More Callipygous Bottoms”

  1. Bogey, you have set a high bar, that you will have to surpass with this most prominent and illustrious Callipygous Bottoms post.
    They are all beautiful in different settings; glamour, playful, teasing and spanked. I think my person fav, if
    I had to choose just one is the pair of blondies jumping into the ocean buck naked.
    Honorable mention to all the others plus the one from perhaps a dream sequence; the trio of spanked bottoms, who lined up for their spankings. The one on the right is close to well done, the one on the left needs at least one more round from my paddle and the one in the middle, well, she may need 2 or 3 more rounds.

  2. I’d have to go with the “pairs “ , both photos. Just wonderful!

    However, on these trying times you need to be more diverse 🙂

  3. Pleased that you guys (didn’t say y’all) found these pictures as delightful as I did. I see hundreds of images a week from several sources and am able to harvest maybe 5 or 6.
    Theo, I don’t fret about color, if they are still giggling I keep paddling.

    1. Touché Bogey,
      And as I take a more detailed look, the area called the “sit-spot” could use more attention.

  4. Delightful derrieres… one and all. If there are any more tree nymphs like #6 lurking in the woods I may have to start ‘bird’ watching again.

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