The Other Day

We don’t write about all our spankings, because they are mostly all the same. They are always just the way we like them, but the descriptions would be boring to you if we posted about all of them.

The other day, Bacall came into the den and announced they she had gotten out some paddles, made up the bed, and for me to join her the bedroom where she would put some heat in my bottom.

I declined. I just was not in the mood. She accepted that I soon heard the sound of the paddles being put away. Or so I thought. She came back in the den and told me the sounds I would be hearing would be her paddling herself. It turned out she had put my paddles away and gotten hers out.

I suggested she paddle herself in the den so I could watch. And so she did. It went on for sometime before I suggested that I could be of some assistance to her.

She was ready and we both went to the bedroom, she went over my lap and I paddled her for a good long time while massaging her back.

It was a good stress relief for both of us.

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