Yes! Yes! Please.. Now!

I am glad I have several posts in the can ready to go, as my computer went south last weekend. I had a month old backup that I used to restore, but it seems I have an unknown hardware problem. I ordered a new laptop. Gee Macs are getting expensive! And I sold my Apple shares three years ago, thinking they could not go much higher. Oh well, it was a 2012 model, so it was getting long in tooth.


I want to call attention to a recent hot post by Ronnie for two reasons. First, I thought it special as she related a session where she had the “ultimate” orgasm. The kind Bacall says melt her bones. I suspect most that read her blog have no experience with such an orgasm, especially from a spanking.

Give a read now.  Yes! Yes! Please.. Now!

They don’t happen often around here. Bacall lets me know she is experiencing a bit of twitching and will need a spanking the next day. She needs a day to get her mind into a submissive state. I take care to remind her a few times of her upcoming spanking. It’s both a tease and to let her know I have not forgotten.

We both take care to dress for the occasion. She dons sexy lingerie and I wear slacks and a collared shirt. I get out all the bondage equipment, blindfold, cuffs, ankle spreader, floggers, crop and a few paddles, both leather and wood.

All that is the setting, what she needs from me is the assurance that she is giving up control, she being taken and the right words at certain times to convince her that she must take her licks without complaint. Become completely submissive.

If it works out, she gets her relief and her bones melt. I wish I could experience it. It must be fantastic.

The second reason I wanted to call attention to her post is that she is one of the very few spanking bloggers that will share something personal about their lives. Most blogs are nothing more than posting pictures collected from the web. Well I actually, do that as well. But we have shared some personal things with our readers over the years.

In the early days of the web, sharing and polite discussions were common especially on Use Groups and The Well. Most people used their real names. Hundreds of people know our real names and we have met each other. That was then and now we are all in hiding. and I don’t think that is for the best.


2 thoughts on “Yes! Yes! Please.. Now!”

  1. Unfortunately today we must remain incognito due to the crazies out there who will seek out and destroy all conversations contrary to their beliefs. Or they go further to actually attempt to destroy ones being.

    I also feel that many of the so called personal accounts on many of these blogs are pure fiction. I’ve read stories and deja-vous sets in immediately. So many bloggers in an attempt to make themselves popular create or copy stories others have previously posted.

    Originality would be nice, honesty would even be better. I feel if you’ve gotten this far to follow a blog why not take that next step and open up about some personal account.
    We’re all here with similar interests

    1. You have shared several personal stories here. I think both as comments and posts you sent me. So thanks again.

      I have a few stories ready to post. They were written for me/to me by women that enjoyed having their bottoms toasted. I found such stories as road maps to what they wanted from me.

      I have posted several such stories over the years, mostly by the Devine Miss E. I think they can be found by using the ‘Stories’ tag. Here are the first two I came to.
      I know there are if I kept scrolling.

      I have also shared one or two stories that started with a “niece” and was passed along to another “niece”. I recall Bacalll finishing one. Amazing how quick they will throw another under the bus.

      Finished marketing at two stores this morning. Only three more left to stock the larder.

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