Spanking Down Through The Ages

The Goddess Isis

I pieced this together from several sources. None indicated that knew the original source.

She started it. Isis. The root of all spanking was actually a sacred duty. Egyptian slaves had their buttocks whipped in temples to honor Isis, the goddess of motherhood and fertility.

The Greeks and Romans adopted the habit and held spanking parties to promote fertility. Documented incidents date back to Ancient Greece. Then it was customary for childless women to visit the temple of Juno in Athens, to be cured of sterility by the priests of Pan. The women had to lie face down on the temple floor and be whipped with a lash made of goat’s hide. The priests clearly were aware of the erotic powers of the whip, but history does not tell us whether or not the resultant children were sired by the whip-wielding priests.

The Roman story-teller, Virgil, in about 50 BC, describes the feast of Lupercalia, where naked men danced in the streets beating every woman they came across. The Romans also had a fascinating tradition for ensuring the fertility of brides to be. The girl was placed across the knees of the ‘sponsor’, then the girl’s bottom was bared and strapped to the accompaniment of clashing cymbals.

The theory that whipping would make barren women fertile lasted until the sixteenth century. The then wife of the heir to the throne of France was childless. It was decided that a spanking would be administered daily to the princess. After a long period, she gave birth; causality not proven!

Erotic whipping became common in the French court of that period. Ladies’ bottoms were frequently whipped in public! The church even defined different types of whipping; superior was whipping on the back, while inferior referred to the naked buttocks. In due course, only the latter was recommended as it was less likely to result in permanent injury.

Priests used whipping as a means of expiating sins. It was common for women, after confession, to retire to a priest’s room and have her bare bottom birched while resting on a specially designed kneeler. Scandal inevitably resulted. A fifty-year-old Jesuit, Father Giraud, wound up in court for his whipping the very pretty twenty-five-year-old Catherine Cadiere. To facilitate his pleasure, he even put her in a nunnery for unlimited access!

Bacall’s Kneeling Bench

The most famous whipper of the pretty bottoms of female penitents was Father Cornelius Adriason. The punishment came to be known as the Cornelian Discipline, such was his fame for flogging female bottoms. Following many a scandal, Pope Adrian the First finally ended or was supposed to end
such practices.

Aristocrats enjoyed the sound of a hand on the rump as much as the clergy. For instance, Catherine de Medici was notorious for her delight in seeing female bottoms being smacked. At a banquet in 1577, she made the most beautiful and noble ladies of the court serve half-naked. She personally spanked them on the buttocks with the palm of her hand, with great blows and fairly rough handling.

Princess Elizabeth’s relationship with Thomas Seymour bordered on sexual abuse. I mean the guy would go into Elizabeth’s room half-naked every morning chasing her around the bed and spanking her butt. Oh, and Elizabeth was 14 at the time.

Jean-Jacques Rousseau In between writing political tracts, the 18th-century philosopher found time to become an erotic trailblazer, documenting a love of spanking in his autobiography, The Confessions. The fascination started back in his schooldays, apparently.

In America in 1936, Mrs. Dorothy Spencer published her famous Spencer Spanking Plan. This was meant to result in marital bliss. It clearly defined when a man could spank his wife, and when a woman could whip her husband. Very detailed, it required that the rules and regulations be observed to the letter. In particular, women were to be spanked, never whipped. One leather goods store sold 297 whips in one day just after it was published. Someone must have believed in it!

Devotees of the plan pointed out that the US divorce rate fell 37% in the three years that it was the rage. The plan gained a phenomenal amount of publicity, and clubs were even formed to discuss and promote it. The advertising pitch stated that spanking is never given in anger, rather in love. Amen to that! As late as the 1950’s, whips and paddles were a section in the New York Yellow Pages.

Britain, of course, remained true to the cause even at the most ludicrous times. In early 1940, with Hitler trying to pound the British into lonely submission, a major row broke out as a Dr. Kitching denounced the caning of teenage girls, causing a
major storm. The teaching profession defended the practice with enthusiasm, even for girls up to eighteen.

At the same time in America, spanking was the rage, as a proxy for erotica. Shapely female bottoms could be described during spanking while in any other context would have been taboo. And remember all those figure-hugging skirts, especially at the office; bottoms were in! Thrilling Confessions carried a section of spanking letters from its first issue. Both the New York Daily News and the New York Enquirer ran substantial numbers of letters on spanking, but banned them when they twigged to their erotic content.

The leading romantic magazine, Your Romance, also published a large volume purporting to come from ladies, but minimal scrutiny reveals that most of them are male fantasies.

In 1974, the spanking colonel, John Brooks made headlines he sued the Sunday People for libel when they reported his spanking the delicious 21-year-old Sue Carr. The case ran for six days and knocked all other news off the headlines. In court, the colonel stated, “I think that spanking a girl’s bottom – if she is willing and likes it and enjoys it – is simply fun. Provided it is with her consent, it is nothing more notorious than the Italian habit of bottom-pinching.” What she seemed to object to most was that he poured whiskey over her bottom before he spanked it. (Hope it wasn’t a good malt; ed)  He won his case and was awarded one penny damages.

Ian Fleming Fleming’s spanking fetish was revealed in his wife Ann’s letters. She was pretty into it too: ‘I long to be whipped by you,’ she once wrote. Bond’s creator lived (and, it appears, loved) as hard as his fictional hero.

Jack Nicholson ‘Heeeeeeeere’s Johnny!’ Just imagine hearing that from a man bearing down on you with a paddle. Famously dubbed ‘Spanking Jack’ (a sobriquet that caught on in Hollywood) by a Playboy Playmate he thwacked with a ping-pong bat.

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  1. That was quite an enjoyable as well as educational read.
    I think spanking goes back further than the Egyptians though.
    I remember as a kid watching Wilma and Betty getting spanked on the Flintstones 😄

    Wonder if the song “Walk like an Egyptian “
    Has any basis in the way they walked after a good spanking.

    Ok I’ll stop being stupid now. It’s the heat getting to me

    1. I do not know. I speculate that it started with the advent of the web in the 90’s. Use groups were the first platform that allowed anyone with access to a computer to engage with others. That is when Bacall and I met with others.

  2. I found this a fascinating post to read and the Kneeling Bench has my creative imagination spinning in overdrive.
    I am looking forward to reading about some of the examples in greater depth. The area I would begin searching is “Spanking in the Renaissance” do you suppose William Shakespeare weighed in on this topic?
    I have read that Queen Victoria’s push to shame anyone who had sex other than for procreation and in missionary position sparked the growth brothels who specialized in “fetish” satisfaction during her reign.
    Bacall’s bottom has a touch of pink, it is primed and ready! Gentlemen! Start your paddle engines! And Spank! 😁 👋 🍑

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