Borrowing The Paddle

In my grammar school, it was common for naughty boys to be sent across the hall to another classroom to borrow a paddle. This was done to maximize the humiliation. Your class already knew you were going to be paddled. Now you had to ask another teacher to borrow her paddle in front of her class doubling the number kids that knew you were going to be paddled.

The licks were delivered in the hall so everyone in the school knew someone was being paddled and two of the classrooms knew who it was.

A long time adult fantasy of mine would be to be sent to someone to borrow a paddle. A duplex home would be ideal. New neighbors move in next door and Bacall learns that they also engage in spanking. She suggests to our new neighbor that she send me over to introduce myself and ask to borrow her paddle.

Would the neighbor want a rent payment for the use of the paddle?

You know she would be witnessing my next paddling.

The best case would be that they are also switches and we all keep four bottoms glowing.

One thought on “Borrowing The Paddle”

  1. I had to ask the teacher across the hall for the paddle that was going to be used on me. Then she witnessed the paddling.

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