In my ever-increasing age, I find I am attracted to puppies, gals with their tounges out and now a new one – gals with freckles.

In my dating days, I would have wanted to date her. She looks like fun.

This one was submitted by a reader

3 thoughts on “Freckles”

  1. Red hair and freckles. God help me !!
    A definite weakness of mine. Add to that a British accent and I’m in heaven

  2. Bogey,
    You will undoubtedly comment on my observational skills…..sorry I can’t help it, years as a commercial photographer have ingrained the skill.

    I wonder which of the photos of the charming lady in and out of her bikini has been flipped left to right….her freckles give it away.

    I dated a red head with green eyes and freckles – she was a fun lady.


    1. I think I see what you see. I would have never noticed otherwise. Wonder why they were flipped?

      Makes me wonder if freckles and red hair occur are common with personality traits?

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