Have you backed up your hard drive lately? I went 40 days without doing it. I could not fix it with disk utilities so I had to restore and lose the images in my to post folder. Some of the images were sent by readers.


Since the beginning of OBB, a few times a year I find images in the post folder that are not related to one another. They may not even be related to spanking. What I have done with these images is to post them as potpourri. If you look to the left margin, you can select the category of posts tagged Potpourri.

This one takes me back to HS, an innocent, or maybe not, exposure of her thighs

No, she was not in my HS class

A gal in white with a fantastic background



For men who want a dominant woman, how about this one?

I am easily amused. She well knows the effect she is having.

And in conclusion, a tramp, with a lolly

Can I get a Like? Please a like.

3 thoughts on “Potpourri ”

  1. I’ll give you a like.

    Particularly number 3 in white.
    They used to say you could dial a phone with those nipples.
    Or get your eyes poked out

    Yes I am dating myself.

    1. Oh my yes, you have shown you know how to dial a rotary phone. I watched my grandkids try to figure it out – they almost got it. They failed to raise the receiver before dialing.
      Heck, I learned to “dial” commonly used numbers on a touch phone by the pattern of buttons. When I had to use a rotary, I had to recall the number.

      She is a cutie.

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