7 thoughts on “Destello”

  1. Sorry I haven’t commented in a while. Been so wrapped up in insanity and stupidity to wrap my head around blogging

    However that first photo. Someone is now going to have to sterilize that grab pole where her ass touched it.
    Pure violation of social distancing rules.
    In over 60 years of riding NYC subways I have never encountered anything like that.

  2. The next to last little film clip of the woman spinning reminded me of something which happened numerous times to me…back in the day.

    In the early ’70’s I dated a topless go-go girl while in college – she was a fellow student and also friends with the strippers that worked at the club where she danced. On several occasions we went to an apartment which was shared by 2 of her stripper friends. One of the strippers invariably was wearing a short skirt or just a robe when we arrived – her opening line to me was always, “Wanna see my pussy?” and then never waited even a second for an answer before she flashed me. Same every visit.

    Oh well, I have had worse greetings……

    1. First, you had a well-rounded college education. I wonder if you bumped into her now what would she say?
      A gal I worked with, was a 9, but no Barbie. Drove fast cars fast, shot machine guns. Yeah, if you have a rack guys will let you shoot their guns. Anyway, she always greeted me with some sexual come on. She was only 30, but I turned it around on her, “sure can you still get it wet”.

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