The Brits Are Nuts

‘Each man calls barbarism whatever is not his own practice’ – Michel de Montaigne

Every American knows that the proper implement for spanking is a wood paddle. The Brits favor slippers, plimsols, canes, and carpet beaters. I shake my head in wonderment at the latter.

Now I find that some Brits get off on watching gals in rubber boots – wellies – wading through mud. <==See the link This proves that humans can have a fetish on anything.

Wellies, Jodphurs and a Cane

And what’s with their obsession with green and navy panties? err knickers

Such a turn-off

And they also get off on women in jodhpurs.

Well OK, maybe jodhpurs are not so bad in moderation

Ever wonder what teenage girls do in their rooms, besides rubbing one out

5 thoughts on “The Brits Are Nuts”

  1. You forgot the birch rod a bundle of switches seamed to vulgar by the Victorian elite because it needs a bare bum to be applied properly so their bloomers had to be opened and spread apart While the cane could be given over only knickers or with them at the knees with the skirt raised to the waist hands on toes in each case

  2. Thanks, I did miss the birch rod. Now I have to confess that a lass talked me into using one on her. The first time she was disappointed that I was not tough enough on her. OK, a challenge, I used it until all the switches were like confetti on the floor and she was well striped. So what does she do? She puts on shorts with wide legs so that when she sits down anyone can see the welts on her legs. A guy did and was quite impressed. They have been living together for over 10 years and I have never seen or wanted to see her since. I have limits.

  3. On Nicky’s Wellie, they sell videos of gals walking, or should I say wading in the mud. That’s it? No T&A? No nudity? I wonder how much they clear a month?

  4. Navy Blue and Bottle Green knickers.
    These were the things worn by schoolgirls in the 60’s and 70’s. They were often worn as shorts in gym class so many girls thought nothing of them being exposed while under their skirt. To the pleasure of many boys.

    My neighbor was 2 years older than me and often flashed hers while looking after me until my parents got home. She often caught me staring up her skirt. One time she caught me and I didn’t notice and thus didn’t look away. She said if I liked them so much I should put them on. The rest is history but I really wish I had married her.

    1. Proves we can get excited about whatever is our environment. Here, gym shorts were put on for gym and taken off after class. We young pervs got excited if we got a glimpse of white panties – the proper color for young girls.

      I take it you put her gym shorts on?

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