Short Shorts

The days of Short Shorts and Hot Pants – extremely short shorts – are long gone. In my estimation, they were better than Joga Pants. Bacall wore them along with mini skirts. She had two hot pants outfits that had a straight skirt with a slit on both sides for evening wear. Yeah, she was a show-off and I loved it.

Short Shorts The Song

Even a commercial

Early 70’s Mercedes Benz

3 thoughts on “Short Shorts”

  1. “Short, Shorts” – co-written by Bob Gaudio as a 15 year old as a member of the Royal Teens, who later joined the Four Seasons.

    1. Carl, you are not only demonstrating your stellar knowledge of music, but you are also showing your age. No, I did not know that and could not name a single member of the Four Seasons. So I Googled them, ah Frankie Valli. That’s familiar. Wait I have an excuse, I was in Vietnam and deep into Jazz as our XO had a collection.

  2. The bicycle pics remind me of a time in jr high. My buds and I were enjoying a soda in front of the liquor store on a hot summer day. A cute girl rode up on her bike, locked it and went into the store. Mark, was always the instigator and loud-mouth, announced he was going to sniff her seat. He bent over the bike, sniffing the seat and making exclamations of the sexual conquest type just as the girl walked out of the store. He was embarrassed but the gal, I could not tell if she was scared or angry or what.
    I wonder whatever happened to Mark. I always assumed he’d wind up in prison…

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