Obama’s Crocodile Tears for the Rule of Law

His foray into the 2020 election this past Friday was pure Barack Obama—pointedly partisan, sometimes entertaining and displaying an amazing lack of self-awareness. In what was likely a preplanned maneuver, a friendly reporter received a recording of the former president’s 30-minute pep talk to his administration’s alumni association and posted the juicier nuggets online.

While revealing that the absence of sports is driving him “nuts” and he enjoys that his daughters “are stuck having dinner with me,” Mr. Obama
used the webcast to encourage former staffers to “feel the same sense of urgency that I do” and join in “spending as much time as necessary and
campaigning as hard” as they can to elect former Vice President Joe Biden.

Mr. Obama unleashed on President Trump’s handling of Covid-19, calling it “an absolute chaotic disaster.” There have been mistakes and cringeworthy statements, but surely there has been progress, too—for example, on vaccines—and good early decisions, such as restricting travel from China. At odds with the facts, Mr. Obama’s uncalibrated condemnation of Mr. Trump is also at odds with the praise the administration has received from Democrats in the know such as California. Gov. Gavin Newsom (“Promise made, promise kept”) and New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo (“The federal government stepped up and was a great partner”).

You’d think Mr. Obama, whose administration couldn’t get a website to work during the Affordable Care Act rollout or keep his key health-care promise, “If you like your plan, you can keep your plan,” might be more reticent about criticizing his successor amid the worst pandemic in a century. Especially since Mr. Obama failed to replenish the Strategic National Stockpile’s supply of N95 masks after it was depleted on his watch.

Mr. Obama also said that“what we’re fighting against” in the election are “long-term trends in which being selfish, being tribal, being divided and
seeing others as an enemy—that has become a stronger impulse in American life.” Yet he helped America become more polarized. Mr. Obama spent two terms treating Republicans as enemies rather than the loyal opposition, referring to them as champions of “social Darwinism” and the “Flat Earth Society” and their proposals as, in so many words, unpatriotic and un-American. When he left office, more than 70% of Americans said he left the country more divided or no more united than it was in 2009.

Mr. Obama’s Friday talk also included his claim that the Justice Department’s decision to drop charges against former national security adviser Michael Flynn means “our basic understanding of rule of law is at risk.”

Here’s another possibility: The department dropped the charges to defend the rule of law. It noted the charge “requires a statement to be not simply false, but ‘materially’ false with respect to a matter under investigation.” Having found no collusion with Russia, the FBI moved in December 2016 to end its investigation of
Mr. Flynn. Only a paperwork snafu allowed FBI Deputy Assistant Director Peter Strzok to have Mr. Flynn interviewed on Jan. 24, 2017, an action the department now says had no “legitimate investigative basis.” Further, the government was
likely to lose the case. It turns out Mr. Strzok and his lover, FBI lawyer Lisa Page, edited the Flynn interview report. The original notes haven’t been found, but the agents involved said at the time that they felt “Flynn was not lying.”

Where was Mr. Obama’s concern about the rule of law when he consulted with FBI Director James Comey about Mr. Flynn while the acting attorney general was kept out of the loop? Or when he acquiesced to Mr. Comey’s not giving the incoming Trump administration the normal defensive briefing on the issue? U.S. Attorney John Durham’s report on the Russia probe could make for interesting reading.

Then there’s Mr. Obama’s dismissal of Hillary Clinton’s private email server as a national-security issue while she was under active FBI investigation. Did that  show proper respect for the rule of law?

Still, Mr. Obama’s appearance Friday to rally the Democratic faithful helped boost—at least in weekend coverage—his party’s presumptive nominee.
They are risks, however, to being too visible too often during the campaign. Mr. Obama reminds voters of how comparatively feeble Mr. Biden’s political and oratorical talents are and the peripheral role Mr. Biden played as his vice president. Having the former president speaking frequently could
overshadow Mr. Biden, who already hard to find.

At the end of the day, Mr. Obama isn’t on the ticket: Joe Biden is. That alone gives Mr. Trump a good chance to win.

Karl Rove, the Thursday 14th WSJ

6 thoughts on “Obama’s Crocodile Tears for the Rule of Law”

  1. Let the clown Obama talk all he wants. Look what it did for Hillary.
    It’s easy to criticize, much more difficult do perform. Obama was a waste of eight years. I’m sorry to say I did vote for him believing “change “ would happen. Unfortunately his tap dancing act was just that , a political show.
    If nothing else Trump has thus far withstood everything the left has thrown at him, real or fabricated and still stands.
    Over the next four years the left will undoubtedly dive into more congressional investigations of how Trump mishandled the virus, caused thousands of needless deaths , even had his son in law working in those Chinese labs creating new viruses.
    We will hear how Biden’s votes were miscounted due to virus issues, how the North Koreans influenced the elections and how Trump is partnering with the Russians to produce a vaccine in exchange for building a tower in Moscow.
    What we won’t hear is the “MeToo” movement’s outrage over Joe Biden’s rape accusations. We won’t hear anything from the left as to how to rebuild the economy.
    And we will never hear the real reason this country was shut down over a virus nor how they panicked the crap out of everyone.

    1. Your forecast for the next four years is…well for more of the same. And it’s getting really old to me.

      Biden or Trump, if the Senate can stay Red, there will be some control of the red hots who want a revolution. I am hopeful for Trump because I don’t think RGB can hold out another four years. One more conservative supreme is a game-changer for decades. Of course, adding justices would then be a top priority as legislation from the bench is so easy.

      1. Not to worry guys. Yeah, I know – it ain’t over til it’s over (thanks, Yogi). But look at the recent California 25 and Wisconsin 7 races. If I was a Dem (and never have and never will be), and I had just seen the first CA House seat flip from BLUE to RED in 22 years – in suburban LA to boot, I would be very nervous.

        The Senate is a little trickier because REPS are defending 22 seats versus 12 or so for the DEMS (the reverse of 2018). Even with that handicap I look for a push or a pickup of 1.

  2. I needed your encouraging words Carl. I quit predicting after Obama won in 2008. I said he could never win. The Senate is key. Can’t get any laws passed, but don’t we already have too many?

    1. What I’d like to see happen is a few blue seats in New York flip to red to outvote the blue illegal majority of the Metro NYC area which literally controls the vote in this state. If memory serves me correctly the last time a republican won was Regan.
      Once I leave the city and speak to others upstate or on the Island they all favor red but the numbers just can’t overcome the city vote.
      I’m hoping this upcoming election doesn’t go Biden. The seeds of progressive socialist doom are now in place from this virus and the blue virus that would follow will be the end of this country as we knew it.
      Brings up my next prediction. Biden won’t make it to the election. I’m have a nasty suspicion we will see a replacement happen around the end of September.
      We’re going to see the new white Obama, the god like governor of NY , Andrew (Infest the nursing homes ) Cuomo step in.
      He’s smooth, he’s full of shit, he’s thinks he’s a wiseguy, he blows smoke up everyone’s ass. He’s great at deflecting any question of where the money was spent or why he’s done nothing constructive for two plus terms by blaming the federal government and the progressives believe his nonsense.

      Buckle up

      1. As I have mentioned to you before, you could do an interesting podcast or something on social media, as the lone conservative in your little town.

        I read that if LA and NYC votes were removed, we would always have a conservative president. Illegals are encouraged to live in big cities where their presence in the census gives those places more “representation.” Or concentrate Muslims in an area and bingo they are elected not only to local offices but Congress.

        Biden replaced would not surprise me at all.

        BTW, summer has arrived in the South and we are stuck here.

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