What’s Going On Here

Our lives are little affected by the virus/lockdown. It may ruin some people and businesses. Most people have less than $1,000 tucked away. It seems a lot of businesses also have slim safety margins.

We will pass out our $2,400 to folks we encounter that can really use it. 

This morning I am listening to a Youtube playlist while cleaning the floors. It started with Jerry Jeff Walker and continued with various Texas musicians like Ray Wylie Hubbard and THEN The Rolling Stones at Austin City Limits doing Bob Wills Is Still The King. Never heard them do that. Not bad.

My Texas connection. I was born, raised and live in Alabama, but I have spent time in Texas. I spent a year drinking beer, playing cards and carousing in the environs of F-burg when I was 21. Add a semester in Austin where I continued the aforementioned activities resulting in academic suspension. A few years later I was headed to North Texas State, (whatever they call it now) when I met Bacall. She refused to live in Texas because they had beat Alabama. And so it goes.

I am cooking a new chicken stir fry for lunch. It uses fish sauce and oyster sauce. I have used the former before, but not the latter. I was again reminded to wash my hands twice after chopping red chiles before taking a wiz.

Spankings continue. For me at least, not so much for Bacall. Her mind is just not there. I told her the other day she is just going to have to bend over in her jeans and take some stingy paddle pops. I need to hear the sound of the paddle cracking on jeans.

How about you? What’s going on with you?

One thought on “What’s Going On Here”

  1. I’ve been personally affected by this virus. List my older brother due to virus complications. He had existing medical issues snd this put him over the edge.
    I shall miss him dearly.

    Life where I am in NYC has cone to a standstill. Nothing is open , nothing is moving. I’ve never seen the city like this even during 9/11 and I was involved in that cleanup.
    We have a mayor who is nothing short of an asshole. Cries gloom and doom and blames everyone but himself for his lack of leadership. He’s been too busy building bike lanes and passing legislation to protect and serve the illegal alien population in this city rather than the tax paying working class

    Actually now that I think about it , if you’re able to watch YouTube videos of NYC right now you’d see how this city would look without the illegals.

    I was born and raised in Brooklyn. Moved to Queens in my teens. Lived my entire 67 years here. It’s going to hell in a handbasket.

    I can understand Bacall disliking Texas since they beat Alabama. As a Giants fan I hate the Dallas Cowboys.

    Everyone stay safe and for god’s sake POST SOMETHING!!!

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