She Says Spank Me

I have had a video clip saved for over a year. I do not recall where I found it. I did not know how to share it with you. WordPress does not allow mp4 format. This morning it finally dawned on me that I have an unused Twitter account and they allow clips.

I showed it to one OBB reader and I have used part of his review of the clip to describe it. The clip is one of my all-time favorites. Definitely not punishment as she explicitly asks for it. My kind of playmate.

So here is OBB’s venture into the Twitter world.

It’s the first clip – She Says Spank Me. Consider the others as a bonus.


I will think about the folks in helicopters in a different way now.


6 thoughts on “She Says Spank Me”

  1. I’m not on Twitter, nor Facebook or instagram or any of the social media platforms. I’d be banned in less than a day if I were.
    I can’t deal with all the fictional accounts of individuals and their antics.
    As it is I’m down to one spanking blog. I can’t deal with the phonies on the majority of the other blogs. Had enough of this one NJ idiot who loves shoving large objects up his ass and his liberal comments.
    I’m finished with the other liberal hypocrites who detest the abuse of women yet display their spanked bottoms for the world to see.
    I also find it exceptionally hard to believe the amount of spanking all these women claim to participate in. I’m surprised they’re able to walk.
    As one can probably surmise I’m about to completely lose it from this sheltering in place my city is doing.
    I have my own opinions on this “virus” and I’m not just shouting conspiracy theory. I’ve suffered a personal loss.

    I hope all who do come here are safe and well and taking care.

    BTW. Where can I get that helicopter tour?

    1. As to women absorbing a lot of spankings, I have known a few that too much was not enough. They might be spanked by a dozen guys in one night and back at it the next day. After one or two spankings there is no pain for these gals. They float on it.

      I hear you on spanking blogs. Most are a waste of time. Maybe that is true for OBB also.

      I am thinking the helo tour might be a little pricey for us. Something to think about when you see one over your fair town.

      I went to two grocery stores today! WooHoo. One had large eggs $7 for 18. The other was out of eggs.

      This is a great time to buy a car. Almost no one is even going to a dealer. Those cars cost the dealer interest on them every day they are on the lot.

      Thanks for taking the time to stop by and comment. Much appreciated.

      Let’s all try to stay safe.

      1. Every car dealer by me is closed. Even the service departments. My car needs a state inspection. Can’t get it done anywhere. Fortunately I discovered NYS has suspended all DMV operations indefinitely

        I’m seeing all the new car ads on TV and the deals are incredible. No dealer to talk to though. You can actually buy one online but would you really want to go they route.
        I online chatted with a Jeep dealer. She took all my info and even offered to deliver my Jeep to the doorstep. I just had to work out a down payment between the dealer and my bank. Call me crazy but would you really give out bank info on that manner.

        Grocery markets here are now running out of goods. The first two weeks they had everything but now it seems they are not getting their deliveries.

        Don’t give up on this blog. Maybe expand the perimeters. Could do some general talk during this time of nationwide crisis

        I know there’s lurkers here. Just one small comment could start a conversation

    2. Like you Hands, I cannot deal with those phony bologna spanking blog places. The comment on “can’t see how they would even walk” is most apropos. I honestly believe these people are writing their fantasies or using it as a medium for what they want but are too inhibited to actually seek out. And geeze-Louise, if they did seek it out, they’d have to be admitted to an urgent care after the ordeal.
      I do love the facial expressions and voice on the lovely lass. And also enjoyed the redhead going through the de-pantie process before getting her due. Because she’s a redhead with that pretty and sensitive skin, I’d have preferred to have seen her paddled over the cane.
      I get some folks can take more or are more resilient. As to spanking, I’m sticking to the “pink” level and will leave those who want to be bludgeoned and welted to whatever they want or wish.
      We all have opinions and draw lines in the sand, those are mine.

      1. Even if you have never met anyone that likes to have their bottoms thoroughly thrashed until it is blood red, know they are out there. Some of them want to be beaten, but don’t have a partner or are not able/willing to engage a pro. Bacall and I happen to go for very bright pink.

  2. I might be foolish, but I would buy a car online. I would have them bring it to me, drive it and give them a check. I have been thinking of a 57 Corvette, but I have no place to park it.

    Grocery stores here are low on some items like rice and often beef. Eggs are usually sold out and when they have them they are 3/4 times recent pre-corona prices.

    I have no plans to give up the blog. It gives me some pleasure. I do wish some of the 800-1000 visitors that come here each day would say Hi. Say the blog sucks or whatever.

    I recently did post on being spanked by your MIL. Now the two most-read posts are Spanked By My MIL. Not a wording either that is titillating, so I don’t get it. Why do they keep reading the same posts again and again?

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