Today a discussion topic suggested by a reader.

“What aftercare do you practice?” Or “share your deepest feelings when receiving aftercare?” Or “what does aftercare mean to you?”


I will share mine after you share yours.

3 thoughts on “Aftercare”

  1. Bogey, I guess you need an icebreaker. Not really sure that we practice “aftercare” per se.

    Spanking is foreplay for us, which always results in sex in one or more forms, could be oral, vaginal or “digital” but spanking always ends in orgasm for both involved parties. Always has and always will.

  2. I have heard mention on the importance of aftercare following a spanking and often wondered what this includes. I have heard of hugging and kissing to reassure the spanked one they are loved. I have heard of ointments, not sure what besides aloe, lotions and even ice packs applied to the roasted bottom.
    Many post spanking photos show bottoms that appear bludgeoned, IMHO. They appear ready to burst with blood should it get pricked by something sharp. Or welts from the more intense implements and sessions. We do not come anywhere near that depiction.
    We are on the lighter side, the low end of that chart spankos are familiar with. “Pink” is the color, light or dark, but not really red. An hour or possibly 3 later and my bottom has returned to its cottontail white.
    I do like getting those TLC rubs when she has finished. It feels so good upon my burning bottom.

  3. I suppose aftercare means different things to different people. For Bacall and I, the form of aftercare has nada to do with the severity of the spanking. It might be a massage with a nibbed glove and lotion. It might be a flogging with deerskin floggers. It might just be cuddling. It’s a time to bond while the endorphins course through us.

    Two times aftercare with other women has been an incredible bonding with cuddling and the sharing of long-hidden memories. A session she wanted, that I carefully mapped out to met her needs. One that achieved the goals and allowed her to fulfill her fantasy. You never forget those. I call it a tops high.

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