How is the crisis affecting you and yours? 

We have retired so no worries about losing a job or adjusting to a different work routine.

I know a lot of people are just scared. The unknown can be scary. I try to limit my worry to things I can do something about. Yosemite blowing would be the largest killer in human times. Not a damn I can do about it, or a virus. Keep calm and spank on.

Know that someone out there is holed up with Rashida Tlaib, so it could get worse for you.

We feel really bad about those who are out of work. It is easy to lose sight of how others are affected in the supply chain when a business closes. A shuttered restaurant not only means the workers are out of a job, but all the suppliers of food and services to the restaurant are affected. It’s going to be bumpy ride folks. Best buckle up.

So how is the crisis affecting you and yours?

One thought on “How is the crisis affecting you and yours? ”

  1. Works short but it’s still there. Regulations are tight in Belgium (I approve of that as long as it is only for the crisis) but we can still go outside albeit that we must remain alone, so it’s not a full lock down. Things have the feeling of “The quiet before the storm”, in my little borough. I’m hoping that we have taken enough precautions in time.


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