When Does The Spanker Know When Enough Is Enough?


Hermonie does not allow me to comment on her blog. No doubt because I have carped about her continually posting stories of nonconsensual spanking of minors.

So I thought I would steal her question of the week and give my own response as the comments were quite unlike our practices.

When Does The Spanker Know When Enough Is Enough?

1) I stop spanking Bacall when she is just this side of having an orgasm. Then I give her one.

2) I stop spanking Bacall when I can tell she is just not going to have an orgasm this time. Then we cuddle for a while.

People have a lot of time to photoshop

A public service video on how to wash your hands

How is the crisis affecting you and yours? 

We have retired so no worries about losing a job or adjusting to a different work routine.

I know a lot of people are just scared. The unknown can be scary. I try to limit my worry to things I can do something about. Yosemite blowing would be the largest killer in human times. Not a damn I can do about it, or a virus. Keep calm and spank on.

Know that someone out there is holed up with Rashida Tlaib, so it could get worse for you.

We feel really bad about those who are out of work. It is easy to lose sight of how others are affected in the supply chain when a business closes. A shuttered restaurant not only means the workers are out of a job, but all the suppliers of food and services to the restaurant are affected. It’s going to be bumpy ride folks. Best buckle up.

So how is the crisis affecting you and yours?

Guns And Abortion

Theresa Bonopartis writes at the Federalist, “If Abortion Providers Cared About Women, They Wouldn’t Fight Abortion Safety At The Supreme Court.” The article is about what one would expect, an abortion opponent wondering why women who support abortion would oppose reasonable health and safety regulations to protect women from dangerous medical practices while receiving an abortion.

This should be super easy to explain to Conservatives (and vice versa) because there is an exactly parallel question that folks on the Left ask of Conservatives. My New England liberal mother-in-law often asks “why do gun advocates oppose very reasonable and incremental measures to make gun ownership safer?”

And the reason in both cases is exactly the same: Those strong advocates of certain practices (gun ownership, abortion) are often worried — and frequently with just cause — that incremental regulations are not aimed at safety but are meant as ways to constrict the practice on the road to eventual elimination. They fear these are eliminationist rules in the Trojan horse of “reasonable regulation.” This is why the Left, which generally advocates regulating the hell out of most every service offering, resists abortion regulations that are in some cases less stringent than those put on tanning booths. And this is why the Right, which is generally happy to deny all civil rights to any criminal and put them in a hole for life, is resistant to background checks for gun ownership.

The point is that while the issues are not the same, the reason for skepticism about “reasonable regulations” is exactly the same.

After All These Years

In my never humble opinion, the best years of spanking blogs were a decade ago. Most of the blogs I liked are long gone and the content of those remaining has been on a long decline. I am NOT excluding OBB. OBB has seen it’s best years. And our personal best years are in the rearview mirror.

Twitter has been around since 2006 and that is the platform for most new spanking “blogs”. It’s great for posting pirated and recycled pictures by those with nothing to say. If you need a picture to wank on, it’s a good place to find one. Again I am NOT excluding OBB, I do more picture posts in the last few years than at the beginning. When Bacall or I write we get fewer eyeballs and comments than when we do picture posts. We continue to write, but less often.

Most of the Twitter blogs I have seen featured may be described as content-free participation awards.

Amazing to me, the number of eyeballs for the Saturday posts is always 20-30 percent higher than any other day. It could be a function of the weekend. I recall the negative comments we got with the first Saturday post. I would guess it ran the PC crowd off.

I also ran off the guys who would love to be spanked but can only wish for it and post the same damn comments describing how they would like to be taken in hand by a strong woman.

The most popular posts have always been some that I feel zero enthusiasm for. Spanked By My Mother In Law has always been the favorite. It is closely followed by one titled Spanking Pictures.

OBB has been and will always be a niche blog. Couples that switch with each other are rare. So we get few eyeballs from that demo. [We are always interested in hearing from other switchy couples]

While we don’t post many “spanking pictures”, we do post pictures of women that I imagine I would like to spank. Most of these pictures come from outside the spanking community. So the chances are that they will be fresh to readers is high.

We do post pictures of ourselves from time-to-time and Bacall has been presented with her face and backside on rare occasions. I can think of only one other blog that does that – Kaelah’s.

We started posting on August 15, 2007, soon to be 12 years. We have done over 1,600 posts in that time.


Sophomoric Humor

The No Name Spanking Motel

In the dawn of the Internet, I posted on a spanking forum about opening a motel for spankers. I meant it in humor, but quite a few took it seriously.

Announcing The No Name Motel

We have been able to purchase a small 22-room property that will be just right for spanko’s.

The rooms are suite-style, much like the Embassy Suites units. There is also a large courtyard, with a formal garden and pool – all enclosed within a 10-foot brick wall.

Plans are being made to convert the decor of the rooms to fit popular spanko themes. Already on the drawing board are:

The Principal’s Office – The outer area will have a secretary who will embarrass you about the paddling you are going to get and then further embarrass you by witnessing your paddling. The inner area will have a large wooden desk to lean over, an equally large paddle and principal who has a terrific forehand.

Childhood rooms – Four are planned for those who miss parental discipline or for those who never got it and wished they had.  One each in pink and blue for pre-adolescents and two for troublesome teens.

The owners earnestly solicit your theme ideas for the remaining rooms. All entries will qualify you for a free two-night stay and spankings galore!


Spankers and Spankees of both sexes are available for play, by appointment, please.

Each evening, during the complimentary cocktail hour in the courtyard, spanking games will be conducted.

The young men and women who will serve the guests in the public areas will wear white thong bikinis. Guests are permitted to pat their sweet cheeks twice once a day.

The gift shop will have a full complement of implements. All may be “experienced” prior to purchase.

Send your entry to the Jouster@wwisp.com

The Responses

(I have changed the domains to xxx in case any of the addresses are still in use)

Subject:      Re: The No Name Spanking Motel

From:         Jackie L <jbliu@xxx.net>

Ahhhh, the answer to my prayers….Spent 4 nights on the road with my Master and I’ll admit 3 of those, we were so tired from driving across this beautiful country, we just zonked, but the fourth night, or actually the next morning (we zonked the 4th night also–he’s an old man, what can I say, laughing), we had someone knocking on our door after a rather long and loud session with a two-tailed whip.

From:         ejotk@xxx.com (Ejotk)

Where is this new motel? I sure would love to visit it!


From:         ldylbug@xxx.com (Ldylbug)

Ooh, sign me up for a 2-week stay!!

From:         elissa@xxx.com (elissa)

Ok,   Sign me up for all next summer!

Let’s see, some people might like the courtroom setting, complete with Judge’s bench and gavel.  Maybe even a connected jail, with prison bars and cots…

I like the little girls’ rooms myself, but you had already planned those.


From:         laurajb6@xxx.com (LauraJB6)

Where? When?  I do hope that this is somewhere that I can plan my next vacation for…   

I do hope that there are some nice 4 poster beds in some of the rooms…

Great idea, I hope to hear more soon…..

Laura, shivering with antici—————————-pation!!!

From:         ladikath@xxx.com (LadiKath)

It would be truly nice if all the rooms weren’t already set up, it some could just be for lovers who spank and need a private place to meet.  It should include lots of things to be tied to and over.


From:         Skyhigh2@xxx.net (Eric)

are you for real?!

The Early Years

Over the years I have written about spanking my dates in HS. I would say I spanked every date, but that seems beyond incredible. I can’t say how many girls with any reliability as ADD left me with few complete memories of those years. I barely recall any of their names.

The odd thing to me is that I never planned to spank anyone. The little darlings would push my buttons and I spanked them. Not a one protested. Some of them repeated their behavior to earn another spanking. Looking back I see they were playing me. I wonder if they acted the same with other boys or did I have a sign on me that said “I spank”?

I had never seen anyone spanked nor been spanked OTK, but I found it was a natural position. I spanked on couches and the back seats of cars.

At that time, I did not connect spanking and sex, other than once their panties were down it was seemed reasonable to me that sex might follow. And sometimes it did.  I had no clue that spanking a gals bottom would give her a sexual thrill – both mentally and physically. We were not taught that nerves went from the posterior to the sex organs.


My Dad had a 33-foot boat and he would sometimes head down river and dock overnight at a business associates river cabin. The cabin was on a bluff, so it was a long flight of steep stairs from the dock to the cabin. That ensured the adults would not be checking on us down below. Especially after they had had a few drinks. We would sneak a few brews to enjoy on the rear deck of his boat. That section was hidden from their overlooking view.

One time Dad’s friend had his two nieces at the cabin for the weekend. I think they were a year older. We spent the day skiing. I spent a good deal of time gawking at their boobs and bottoms barely covered by their bikinis.

That evening the girls showered and put on short shorts and perfume. I can recall the scent now. We started making out and they both got playfully sassy. Well, you know what happened. Their shorts came down and they got spanked on the dock. We then returned to making out. I would like to say more happened, but it did not. I think it was because I was apprehensive that we would be caught.

I was 19 when I connected spanking and sex and then I also wanted to be spanked. I continued to spank, but now I could occasionally be on the bottom.

Flash forward to just now – The Older Years

I took a break from writing this post. On the way back to my computer I found Bacall bent over in the kitchen. What’s a guy to do? I took down one of our too seldom used spanking spoons that hang in the kitchen and gave her four firm wacks.

Then she wanted me to Feel The Burn, so I bent over and got four and I did ever feel the burn.

Footnote, our spoons are like nothing you have ever seen or felt. They are hand-carved from Arkansas Cherry. A friend had them special made – the spoon side is only slightly dished out, so it fits the curve of the bottom well. They have long handles and are on the tuddy side. I would say they might compare to a long handle bath brush.