Spanking Is For Adults Only

This has been on my mind. I continue to make friends.

Which of these statements do you agree with?

  • It’s OK for an adult to finger a teenage female for their own or her pleasure.
  • There is nothing wrong with a nonparent adult spanking a teenage female that results in sexual pleasure for the female or the adult.
  • It’s exciting to read stories that portray teenagers being non-consensually spanked. [As minors, they can not give consent, so it has to be non-consensual]

I see all three as equivalent. Meaning that while you may not put your hands in her panties or spank her if you are thinking about it while rubbing one off you a sick fuck. I can understand that some women might want to relive teenage spankings they got or ones they wish they had gotten. They should realize the stories are equally available to men. Do they really want to encourage men to think about spanking teenage girls perhaps even their own daughters?

Adults spanking minors in videos is verboten. Even the discussion of spanking minors has always resulted in being banned on spanking forums. Why should stories on the same subject get a pass? Where is the outrage?

I am in the minority as many men and women love to wank off to such. Hermoine has been posting such stories for years and her readers like them. I have told her that I feel they are not appropriate. Her response was to remove OBB from her blog list. I wrote to Bonnie about it as I know she and Hermoine are tight. She also removed OBB from her overlong blog list. Gee do I ever feel chastised, but I will soldier on.

Spanking is for adults by adults. Period. Full stop.


Yeah, I know that some teenagers, especially girls, dream of being spanked. They may push a parent, or some other authority figure to spank them. They sure as hell will push a boyfriend to spank them. Yes, I know that some females can get off just from being spanked. I just don’t consider that the subject is proper for adults to erotize.


Back in the day when I played with women, I refused to engage in age play or be called Daddy. I am not and do not claim to be perfect, but I feel a man has to have a moral compass and draw hard lines never to be crossed.

2 thoughts on “Spanking Is For Adults Only”

  1. In this day and age you’d think the me too movement would ban spanking of females of any age let alone teenagers.
    There will always be the “dirty old man” stereotype who loves to spank the young girls ….as well as boys.

    I have felt for some time now about the other spanking blogs and what they post are pure hypocrites about not just spanking but most of what they preach.
    I also feel that many of their following are sheep and will kiss ass just to be liked.
    Getting political, it’s a liberal attitude. If you don’t agree you are forever banned.
    You have had you words with Hermione,
    I’ve had mine with Erica Scott. They’re both full of shit.

    1. My conversation with Hermoine was one-way. You may recall that when Trump was elected Erica went on a rant about the man’s orange hair and I suggested she suck it up. I think most of the spanking blogs authors and readers are left-winger hypocrites.

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