Why Do We Hide

I am always amazed that spanko’s hide their proclivity for the percussive arts.

Full frontal nudity is OK. But, to admit you enjoy spanking. Horrors! It makes no sense to me. AI can tie this image to every other image of her on the web. Should she be concerned? It depends on her employer. My point – Is this image equivalent to her showing a red bottom along with her face? Which one would be more embarrassing, if she can be embarrassed?

Video’s of people having sex and their showing faces can be found on any of the porn sites. Racy, selfies taken by women are posted daily to sites like iChive. But, we hide our enjoyment of spanking from everyone.

I wonder if some think that posting on a spanking blog would cause all their family and friends to be notified? Would sending an email to a blog owner allow the blogger to show up on their doorstep?

I understand the mindset, I was terrified that someone would find out until one day when I was 40 I decided I just did not give a damn. This led to our meeting other spanko’s and learning more about ourselves.

Bottom line, I think you are being overly cautious and are missing out by hiding.

Which brings me to Sh*t I am sick of hearing. Jillian Keenan is spot on in her views on spanking. I really identify with her pet annoyances 1 and 4.



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  1. Spanko for life some one has to swat those cute little arsed girls (women)no minors allowed

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