Getting Back To Fun On A Sunday Morning

Last week we had a short spanking session to see if we would still like it after a health imposed hiatus of six months. It must have been good for her as she told me she wanted to have another session today. She thought we should stand bent over in opposite directions, call it the standing 69 position and paddle each other.

Well, 69 did not happen. She was too eager to get started. I heard her say something about let’s get started while I was in the bathroom. When I came out she was bent over the bed in black panties. I figured why fight it? Go with the flow. Afterward, I asked why she did not try the 69, she said she forgot.

It was a stellar day for her. She was most eager to be spanked. So I started out taking her panties down and spanking her with my hand because I wanted to. I only spank at one speed with my hand – hard. So I got the ow’s right away. Then my belt, then a leather strap and then her favorite wood paddle. The latter got lots of ow’s. My favorite word to hear! The ow’s were mixed with laughs and giggles. Something told me she was going to ask for more and she did. She wanted four with the ever evil red paddle. I delivered them smartly and she was a happy girl.


People have asked if pictures like this one were taken midway through the spanking – just a medium shade of pink. Well, that is as pink as she ever gets. The same paddling on someone else might not show up at all. Another lass might be well marked. Color has little to do with how severe or how long the spanking.

After a proper aftercare interlude, she put the heavy artillery to me. Not that many licks, but more than enough for the new me. Or should it be the older me? Then we had another aftercare interlude which was much shorter than hers, but long enough.

We expect that she will be a great grandmother shortly and that calls for a special spanking.

8 thoughts on “Getting Back To Fun On A Sunday Morning”

  1. Similar to Gene’s “Back in the saddle again”, Bogey and Bacall are “back being paddled again”, nice!
    Special thanks to Bacall for the courage to share such a beautiful and personal part of her self.
    A brand spanking new baby at a new level calls for a brand spanking new implement, don’t you think?

    1. Another implement? I don’t think so. We have given and thrown away dozens of toys and still have toy bag of them that never get used. But we should give great-grandma something special. Maybe a long session with the floggers that seem to never get used.

      1. Then we need to be more creative. πŸ€” How about:
        Assuming gender is unknown; if it’s a girl, you get spanked, boy, Bacall’s lovely bottom get lit up, or vice versa on GGB gender.
        On the length, every inch is one stroke of the belt-strap.
        On the weight; every pound is one from the “evil red” paddle and ounces are spanker’s choice.
        The receiver lays on the corner of the bed, 2-3 pillows under pelvis [enough so the feet do not touch the floor] and legs spread wide. 😣 πŸ˜₯
        That should lead to some amazing anticipation and suspense.

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