3 thoughts on “Flashing”

  1. Love the playfulness of the top 3. 🌰🌰
    On the skirts being raised; “look at me, I’m not wearing any panties!” 🍑 In my dating days, it was so fun when my date and I arrived somewhere, and just prior to opening the doors, she’d say “I’m not wearing any panties” as demo’d by a quick flash. Oh man, I just could not wait to leave whatever we were attending…
    Great comic. In my youth, I recall how special it was to get my hands on a Playboy magazine. After many times paging through the beauties, there were three features; a few pages before the centerfold, the centerfold and after. Then starting at the centerfold, paging back one at a time was a comic on at least every other page. Sometimes the corner, half or the full page like the one above. After reading all the comics, it was time once again to leer over the Playboy beauties. 😎

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