Assume The Position

It is in the best interests of both that you get the positioning right before you start spanking. Never be afraid to stop, wait and insist that the spankee assumes the right position before you keep going.  What is the right position? Well, that depends on your circumstances, e.g. where you are, what you have to work with and what scenario you are in.

Regardless of the circumstances, you want the best target possible to aim at and the spankee has a responsibility to make sure they provide you with the best target at all times.  This means the full bottom needs to be presented properly. Many will clench the bottoms thinking it lessens the pain.  What it does is cut down your target area and show defiance.

Bending right over and pushing the bottom up to receive each stroke is essential. It is much harder mentally to do this in positions where the artificial support isn’t provided.  For example, the classic touching toes position.  In this position, there is no artificial support.  The spankee has to stay in the position and make sure their bottom is always in the right place for the person punishing to get the best stroke in. Unless well trained, this is very hard to do and you should be firm about it.

Bacall and I delight in arching our backs and pushing our bottoms out. It’s as close to submission as we get. There is the satisfaction of making the target as perfect as possible. Taking the lick, processing the pain and remaining in position. The spanker has the delight of watching the submission.

What positions?

There are so many but some of the most effective are:

  • Touching toes (or ankles and calves if they cannot reach) with the back of the legs straight.
  • Back or arm of the chair or sofa
  • School desk (if you have one)
  • End of the bed
  • Kneeling on all fours back arched, legs spread, shoulders down
  • Work desk

I find that ones where the bottom is the highest point are the most effective and the more humiliating.

The apprehension, the preparation, the threat, the exposure – these are thrilling, and so is the warmth afterward.

4 thoughts on “Assume The Position”

  1. An excellent tutorial Bogey. I must include one more thing. Taking the swat , processing and position are all part of the experience. For me I also love the sound of that paddle making contact especially in a room where sound reverberates.

  2. Sir/Maam “Assume the Position” is an excellent list of instructions that should be read by by all spankersand spankees. I think that your emphasis on positioning the spankees bottom correctly and taking the time to ensure that this is done is excellent advice. A correctly positioned bottom makes for a succesfull and saisfying disciplinary experinece for both parties.

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