Top 10 sexual kinks of 2019

I saw this after New Year’s Day, one of the many top 10 lists that make the rounds that time of year. What I found of interest is coming at #10 are fetishes over objects, feet being featured in a picture. Coming in #1 is a fetish for feet. I suppose this fetish is only for women’s feet, not women getting excited about a man’s foot? Having only one fetish, lingerie, I have a hard time imagining getting excited about shoes or feet. Could it have something to do with why women have so many shoes?

In the #2 spot impact/sensation play.

Here’s the link



One thought on “Top 10 sexual kinks of 2019”

  1. Nice to see us spankos so high on the scale! Hooray for us! ✋ + 🍑 = 🥰
    I would imagine there are many who combine a few items on the list. Spanking is perfectly suited for role-play and/or domination and/or restraint play. I have mentioned this numerous times because it is worth repeating: those who embrace their fantasies and sexual “kinks” (I’m not a fan of the word) have sex more often and more gratifying orgasms. As to the word “kink”, that is a word, IMHO, used by those who have yet to realize there is freedom in embracing your wants and desires. And as they say, “it’s only kinky the first time!”
    Bogey, I have to disagree with lingerie being considered a fetish. I see my Lady’s body as a beautiful, desirable present. Lingerie is her “wrapping paper” and unwrapping her over and over and over again will never get old.
    Good post, so hoping to hear from others and their feelings and opinions. 👍

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