A School Girls Thoughts

“Well, Miss Towers. I am losing patience with you now… “Young lady, I will not tolerate impudence at our school. You will now stand, hold the desk and take your punishment. “That was the first time I saw it. It was just like I thought it would look, except bigger. The paddle! Mr. Remo held it as though it was a natural extension of his arm. Was he serious? I never thought I would ever be in this sort of situation. I was petrified. I just stared wide-eyed at him with my heart pounding. But I also felt this strange intense excitement. I was trying to evaluate what I was feeling when I heard his voice again.

“Miss Towers!” He exclaimed while clapping his empty hand with the wide end of the paddle impatiently. Stand and bend over the desk with your legs locked and spread. It will go easier on you if you don’t fight this. 

So I stood slowly, feeling the tingle that was running down my spine all the way into my shoes where it curled my toes. I grasped the dark grainy wood of the desk. I felt so humiliated. I felt so excited with anticipation. This was total confusion. I was scared but thrilled. How odd. He frightened me and yet I wanted him too. He was powerful and incredibly sexy. Would I actually enjoy this? It looked as though I would find out rapidly. My breath became shallow as he stepped around the desk. He stood so close to me that I thought I could hear his breathing was a bit labored too. The paddle was pressed against my backside. Mr. Remo moved it in a small circle over my skirt as if it would somehow help him to affix his target.

3 thoughts on “A School Girls Thoughts”

  1. Don’t know about her but I certainly enjoyed it.
    I was waiting for that paddle to strike.

      1. Surely by now you have noticed I/we are more interested in the emotions and thoughts that precede a paddling than the whack of the paddle. Given that, I feel it has the perfect ending.

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