You Have Been Flashed

As usual, no red bottoms, no punishment, no problems solved.

I would normally title a post like this one, potpourri. I have posted dozen of unrelated images over the years titled potpourri. But Hermoine appropriated that title recently. I guess I will have to find something original.

I know you can attract eyeballs with titles like Spanking Pictures, My Mother In Law Spanks Me, etc. I know as I used those titles years ago and they still show up as most frequently read. I will keep on posting things that interest me and hope a few readers will appreciate my taste.

You Have Been Flashed

I Did Not Get The Memo On This

A Cooperative Lass

Another Flasher. This One Has Talent

She seems Happy. Are You Happy To See Her?

Speaking Of Talent This Lass Has It

One thought on “You Have Been Flashed”

  1. No question mark after the title, but I’ll answer anyway; yes. Parking lot at work, remote gal was putting her suitcase in the trunk, lifting it in. The wind kicked up, suitcase still in hand, took her short skirt straight up, revealing two pretty cheeks, separated by a pink thong. Flash; yes. Intentional; IDK, but she knew it was a windy day…

    Love those GIFs of the skirts going up to reveal they forgot to wear panties. Keep them coming Bogie!
    Yes on the hijab; she would so arouse me…. [Cue the vomit soundtrack about now…]

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