7 thoughts on “Yoga”

  1. Hello, your post seems to have disappeared.  Best to Bacall for a speedy recovery.

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  2. Did you know that surveys have shown that 78% of women who wear yoga pants, don’t actually do yoga?

    Did you also know that other surveys show that 99% of straight men don’t care!

  3. I like Jim C’s comment. I love those pants on women, not all women mind you. There are some that wearing those pants should be illegal. I think you know the type. When they haul ass it takes two trips.

    I used to go to a gym years ago. I never saw anything that looks like those women and honestly the ones engaged in yoga all looked like they could use a good meal.

    As for your original challenge. No I won’t try to convince you I wouldn’t enjoy spanking any one of them.

  4. #2 and 4 are favourites. I love these exercise pants at the back but not so much at the front unless they have a tidy pussy.

  5. There are gals who wear these in the office. Some look great and some should wear something else.
    How many times I’ve been walking to a meeting or somewhere, following a gorgeous bottom and being tempted by the little devil on my shoulder, like in the cartoons, to reach out and slap those buns?!?! I’m still employed, thanks to the more powerful angel on my other shoulder…

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