This Never Happended

He arrived as directed and took a place on the long wooden bench in the lobby of the school administration office. There were two others on the bench already. Almost at once he heard the unmistakable sounds of someone being paddled. He winced.

A few minutes past and a young girl opened the door and called his name. She held the door open for him, he entered and she closed the door behind him. She smiled and told him to take off his pants. He froze. This picture of beauty and innocence was going to paddle him? Where was the principal? She told him to be quick about it. He slowly started to unbuckle his belt, while she watched. He finally got them off. She held out a pair of panties and told him to put them on. All the color drained from his face. She just stood there holding the panties, waiting for him to remove his briefs and take them from her. He turned partially away from her and removed his briefs, but he had to face her to get the panties. By the time he had them pulled up, he was not completely flaccid.

She told him to sit down and she did too with her short skirt showing him her thighs. He got rigid. Then he heard the popping sound of a paddle. He counted them. 10. He heard some murmurs and then it started again – another 10. Then quiet. The girl watched him. He could feel the hard chair through the thin panties. He felt ridiculous. He also felt the warmth of his penis on his belly. How would he get up without her seeing him in this state? She was only a few years older than him. The door in the direction of where the paddling has taken place opened and there stood the principal, paddle in hand. OK, young man, I am ready for you now. How was he going to get up? “Move now or I will make you wish you had”. He stood. His penis standing up, making a tent in the panties he shuffled through the open door.

July 27, 1991

4 thoughts on “This Never Happended”

  1. I enjoy school spanking/paddling stories. Takes me back.
    Only I never saw one good looking woman involved in any of my school disciplinary sessions.

  2. hmm what was the purpose of having a boy put on panties to get a paddling. is what isn’t explained to here.. was it so let him feel and experience it the same way are girl would ?,. not too hard … smoothly and firmly but not being over whelmed by the force of it… also would have had him put on a pull on skirt too, so he can fully feel and experience it the same way a girl would.

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