What’s Up With Us?

I don’t recall if I have said what I am dealing with. It’s a rare form of Leukemia. It does not kill you, but it makes you susceptible to infections that can kill you. I have survived an 11-day hospitalization with a staph infection and a three stay for pneumonia. Enough of that. I stay away from people, wear a mask to grocery shop, wash my hands all day, etc.

My treatment is working according to the doc and my “blood numbers” are improving marginally. Some days I feel almost normal. I am still months away my immune system being able to keep infections at bay and having enough red blood cells to carry enough oxygen so I can function in a normal manner.

Now we have another health crisis. Bacall will have a triple bypass Monday. She has several blockages, two of 90%. The cardiologist and surgeon are both top-rated and predict an excellent outcome. She will be in the hospital for five days so I will be on my own next week. I don’t have the energy to make long visits to her so it will be a long week for both of us.

Dr Kwan is on-call whenever the President (whoever he is) is traveling in the southeast US, including his trips to Mir-O-Mar in Florida. There’s an executive jet on standby at Maxwell ready to take him wherever needed.

2 thoughts on “What’s Up With Us?”

  1. Bipass surgery is so common today, the risks are very small. Recovery can be surprisingly fast. Hope it all works as planned.

  2. Bogey and Bacall, I am so sorry you are experiencing these horrible afflictions. You have so much to deal with, I can only imagine how difficult it must be.
    Glad to hear it is “working” and your numbers are going in the right direction. And I will be sending prayers for Bacall, come Monday AM.
    My neighbor had a bypass about 5 years ago. When we visited him, he showed us how they performed the bypass arthroscopic, through the ribs versus cut the ribs and split. I hope Bacall’s procedure qualifies for the arthroscopic, it has to way less fatiguing upon the body than the other way.
    Strong relationships are built, they don’t just “happen” And I believe you two have built a strong relationship. You will be reaping the benefits of your relationship work during these days and months ahead.
    Thank you for sharing and know I’m rooting for both of you!!!

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