I seldom see pictures of women serving in the US military, especially posed like the women in the Israeli military. Is that due to restrictions imposed by the US military?

Winter has arrived. Already missing warm weather. Is she cute or what?

A reader sent me this spoof. I suspect some men desirous of FLR might want one?

Here’s a work uniform for you. Twin Peaks?

4 thoughts on “Potpourri”

  1. The stunning beauty in the “Twin Peaks” uniform is quite similar to a Hooters knock-off called The Tilted Kilt. Additional note; what’s up with the two geezers in the background? My eyes would be roving from babe to babe, like windshield wipers.

    Oh my, the bikini babe is one of those rare lovelies who is cute AND beautiful, IMHO.

    On the spoon, notice the address and price show it’s origin is Jolly England? Do you suppose Catherine and Meghan whack William and Harry’s pee pees with a spoon?
    Speaking of royalty, do you suppose William and Harry get blow jobs from their respective wives?

    1. Megan was a high price escort years ago.
      That was before she was discovered by Howie Mandel and opened suitcases on his TV game show “deal or no deal”
      So I’m sure she’s polishing Harry’s trailer hitch.

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