• Do you think Strict Julie is for real? I have been suspicious of it since it began. It has gone through every male spanking fantasy, starting with tame ones and ever-escalating. It reads like it is written by a woman, but I have been fooled before. The recent video left me scratching my head why it was even posted. Voices muted as though someone might recognize them. The wall coverings were blurred so no one could recognize their home. Geese why bother?


  • There are not many spanking blogs left. The only one I look at with regularity is Heart and Soul. Big change from a decade back when good and tasteful ones were plentiful. What blogs are left are ones show the red bottoms of spanking models. If I want to see a red bottom, I can paddle Bacall.


  • Back when Bonnie had a first-rate list of interesting spanking blogs. Then she improved it by putting the blogs in categories, such as DD, FLR, etc. I found that useful as DD blogs, for instance, are always a bore to me. Then she went PC or something and removed the categories and started including some real trash blogs. For the last few years, she passes off new finds to Ronnie. It’s been well over a year since I have seen one of even casual interest. Not her fault that there are no quality sites anymore, but why bother to call attention to rubbish? Would it not be better to call attention to quality blogs? Continuing to win more friends here.


  • Consensual Spanking celebrated 17 million views with a toast by Bogey and Bacall. I suppose we should be gratified.

OBB will never get 17M views, but then we don’t feature OTK hair brushings.

3 thoughts on “Ramblings”

  1. So you don’t get thousands of views, so what. There are many of us that do enjoy your blog.

    **This announcement was not paid for nor endorsed by any political group

  2. Is Strict Julie for real? IDK. I just finished perusing the current front page. Beyond Fm spanks, it is loaded with multiple “how to” tips. To me, looks like an FLR site for doms.
    The pics and instructions beyond spanking are: positions, pegging [WTF?], humiliation, diapering [WTF, again?] and encouraging striking his Franks & Beans, “should his behavior warrant it”. Plus many of the RH links are for femdom sites.
    Could be real, most likely it is outrageous embellishment and absurd fiction.
    One thing about OBB and followers; they appear to me to be honest and straight forward.
    BTW, did you receive my most recent subscription fee through PayPal? 🤣

    1. “outrageous embellishment and absurd fiction” that might well describe it. The blog has a legion of followers. Real or not, I would not want to be on the receiving end of her ministrations.
      Oh yeah, keep those Paypal fees coming.

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