How We See It


I suppose that many spankos are terrified of admitting their fetish to others, maybe even to themselves. I have written about this before and got zero feedback. I contend that if you conceal part of you that is so central to you, you are cheating yourself out of a lot of happiness.

We have written quite openly about our decades-long spanking life. When we were younger (fit and trim) we often engaged in spanking with others, single women and couples. That may brand us as sexual degenerates in many minds, but we don’t see ourselves that way. We were game for playing with others as we had no qualms about being nude and there was no jealousy of each other.

Nudity – If you went swimming, you would be seen by the same-sex nude in the locker rooms. I went to military school, no privacy there, nor was there any in the Navy or sail clubs. In early marriage, we went to nudist resorts. When people shed their clothes they drop all pretensions. We skinny-dipped in pools, rivers, lakes and on the Gulf Coast with many folks. In two neighborhoods we had regular nude soaks in hot tubs with whoever was there that night.

Jealousy – If either partner is jealous of the other, then the mere thought of their sweetheart being nude and spanked by a strange person behind a closed-door would start a war. That was never an issue for us.

Sex – I would engage in digital intercourse with a few women. Bacall did also. I never had any other form of sex. I don’t know, but I doubt Bacall did either.

So with that background, we are rather open about spanking. We are not ashamed of it.

There was a recent Brunch that had the following comments about having a witness to their spanking:

Never had anyone watch and not really interested in having spectators.

That would be a big, fat no and there never will be.

No so far there has not been a third party present during my spankings but I am hoping that will change…. She is a very private person so a third party may not happen…

No. My husband and I have no interest in a third party present.

I think I would like to watch someone getting spanked but wouldn’t like anyone watching me getting spanked.

She has taken to deleting my comments, so I will say it here. In early marriage, I hid my spanking fetish from others, but after 10 so years, I came out. We always had fun with a third or fourth person.

It would seem we are in a small minority. Some of the most fun times we have had is with another woman or part of a group skit.  Be able to talk with others about our common interest was freeing.


2 thoughts on “How We See It”

  1. I was and always will be a fan of having others witness and participate in my spankings. My wife perhaps not so much but she went along with it on several occasions. For me the turn on was the reactions , the noise, the comments made during those group spankings. I guess you could call it the environmental impact.
    I would enjoy just watching my wife spanked by another man , watching her facial and body reactions.
    I also enjoyed myself in a situation where I was spanked by more than one woman at the same time.

    I guess everyone had their thing.
    Nothing to be secretive about

    Love that photo of the two bald guys staring at the food

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