Hiding An Erection

This blog was started to show that not all men desire what is depicted in the drawing. I will always defend that.

Ronnie recently posted this drawing. It is exactly what most male bottoms want to see – a female dominant relationship. I have zero objection to her posting it. I strongly object to the comments made about it.
While the drawing is a total turnoff for me and about 20% of men who like a hot bottom without even a whiff of punishment or discipline. We detest being put in the same box as those who do.
Some men only want to be spanked for real-life offenses and they experience pain, not sexual excitement.
Hermione, by her choice of moniker seems to want us to think she is a little brighter than the unwashed, was the first to make the uninformed claim that men with female dominants get a hard-on after a spanking. Actually, this group of men admits that they seldom get more than even semi-rigid, before or after a spanking and certainly not during. That contrasts with the much smaller group I am in who enjoy an erection from the get-go.
I probably would not have got my dander up if Hermione, Ella, etc. had any real-world experience spanking men. Always best to keep your opinions to yourself when you don’t have jack to back them up.

Hermione said…

What a cute apron! It’s probably hiding his erection:)


21 OCTOBER 2019 AT 14:00

Ella said…

Hermione’s comment was spot on! Thanks for the pic, Ronnie.

Hugs Across the Pond,

Aimless Rambling said…

I agree that Hermione’s comment is probably spot on.

18 thoughts on “Hiding An Erection”

  1. “That contrasts with the much smaller group I am in who enjoy an erection from the get-go.” I understand……i get hard as soon as she suggests a spanking is in my future. Sex always follows……

  2. Additional contrast, Ronnies’ bio says: Hospitality professional, happily married, happily spanked by a wonderful husband and happy to share with you. The spankings, not my husband.

    Ronnie saying she is spanked, perhaps is or wants to be dominated also. Ergo, in Ronnies’ mind any man who is spanked is or wants to be dominated. Perhaps Ronnie falsely believes ANYONE who gets spanked is or wants to be dominated and possibly humiliated.

    The cartoon to me depicts the FLR lifestyle. Nothing against men and women who believe in FLR, but overall, I believe they are a pretty small subset of the spanko world.

    Like Jim C, when my wife says the word “spanking”, my BFF jumps to attention. Spanking extends our foreplay and other intimacies. And orgasms following a spanking are the most intense and climactic. It feels like my ejaculation could hit the moon!

    1. Didn’t realize there were so many FLR-guys. Thanks for the correction.

      Ronnie could want to be dominated. In the one story she published, her hubby said her pants “inappropriate for a woman of her age” and paddled for it. Real or made up is no matter, it leaned towards her being dominated and “spanked” when she misbehaved. Only she knows if it’s real or fantasy. Even the “loving hubby” could be imaginary….

  3. I think the stimulation is in the behind which takes the blood away from an erection and increases it in the behind when spanked. The pudendal nerve split near the bottom of the spine. Half goes to the genitals and half to the lower half of the buttocks. Whatever it is the stimulation is amazing. I am not dominated or controlled by my wife but she consents to spanking me when asked.

    1. I have a very different reaction when paddled, there is more blood for the erection. It sometimes looks like a blue-veined monster or what a 20-year might have.

      Would you want to be dominated by your wife?

      1. Never. Maybe in play but not in the main marriage relationship. I think if it changes your character then something is wrong. Keeping it as sex is fine.

  4. Personally, and I’m going back a number of years, I would start off erect and keep it through the spanking/paddling and if anything it got harder as it went on especially knowing that 95% of the time sex always followed.
    These days it still gets hard but medical science is involved in the process.
    I’ve always prescribed to the Church of the Perpetual Hard on

    On the subject of female domination. Call me old school but I find guys who live that lifestyle where the woman is always in control of all aspects and paddles their ass for every offense of some kind; well I don’t think of them as men at all. More like overgrown children
    There’s one blog in particular where that topic is the main attraction and the one frequent poster on that blog is also very much under female control. Not to make this political but I find the side they’re both on just fits their nature perfectly. Not to mention they also enjoy inserting large objects up their ass. Like I said, goes right the group. BTW when I used to post there most of my posts never saw the light of day

    This blog is definitely unique, a rare niche blog.
    Since I first discovered it I have seen many like minded individuals post here. I wish they’d post more. We have much in common
    I’ve read posts elsewhere slamming this blog as politically biased. It very well may be but what does that have to go with the original intent of the blog
    I rambling. I know.

    1. I have met more than a few men who claimed their wife was the dominate in the relationship. Proved to be wishful thinking on their part.

      Yeah, they are like kids. The same deal for women who want a Daddy, HOH, etc. Avoiding personal responsibility.

      1. Women who want a Daddy. I think there’s almost as many blogs about them as there are FLR blogs. The women of this generation , if you can call them that now, are going to be hard pressed to find a man of this generation to fulfill their fantasies.
        That’s why many of them look to much older “father “ figures.
        I can think of one blog right off the top of my head about a woman searching for that daddy
        Whatever happened to that award you won?

  5. Female domination? Male domination?

    Nah, we are equal opportunity spankers and always as foreplay. As the years have passed I am much more frequently the receiver rather than the giver – which is fine with me, but should never be construed as a FLR.

    The results and ending are the same no matter who get spanked – me hard, she wet – who could ask for anything more?

      1. The ladies who posted, who’s bios I followed, are bottoms, not tops and definitely not FLR gals.
        With that intro, perhaps we just chalk their little exchange in the [no pun intended] smack talk column and laugh with them.

    1. I think you may have offended one of them. I no longer see your link to this blog on her site.
      You are just deplorable!

      1. Oh the horror, if I have been removed from her list. What will I do? Well, she is a Canadian and I am deplorable. Most eastern Canadians are twinkies not worth spending time with.

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