Is OBB Back?

We are not committed to regular posting. You may see something from time-to-time. I have a medical problem, which was exasperated by a staph infection. I spent 10 days in the hospital. The day before I was to go home I had kidney stones. That was more fun.

I am sure you can appreciate that we have zero interest in spanking and sex right now. I have about zero energy, always fatigued. I have begun an 11-month infusion regime. I am informed it will be 3-4 months until any results will be manifested.

Waterfalls – In the south we have two types of waterfalls. Smaller versions of Niagra and minor stream ones, which by late spring are seldom more than trickles. The water temp is usually icy, but welcome after hiking to one.

I have never seen a waterfall like this one. Have you? If so where?

Pictures of “Heidi” are always of interest to me.

I hope you have a good week.

5 thoughts on “Is OBB Back?”

  1. Hey Bogey,
    Thanks for the share and update. Three to four months until “noticeable improvement” sounds like a long time. Hoping it is sooner.
    I have been following the news on the upcoming flu season and the “experts” are predicting a severe season. I assume with your treatments and whatever you’re going through, you are super vulnerable. Be careful out there man! Think the show Monk and the tissues and wipes he’d use, perhaps?

  2. You know you always have my best wishes for a speedy recovery

    Now to answer your question about waterfalls

    I think I’ve seen a waterfall like the one on the photo
    Lake “titi”caca

  3. Bogey,

    Hang in there and do / don’t do whatever the doctors tell you to do. I just hope that there prognosis for recovery time is vastly over estimated – do your best to prove them wrong! I am sure that Bacall misses your attention……

    As for the waterfall, there is a low dam on a creek nearby. The water actually falls about five feet over the top of the dam an lands on a concrete pad at the base of the falls. I never have understood exactly why the dam was built that way but the “landing pad” does keep the water from eroding a deep pool at the bottom of the dam and that is probably the reason..

    The water shot over the top of the dam and left a clear space at the bottom of the dam which provided a space which was large enough to sit in and breathe with no problem. When I was a teenager, we would visit this waterfall during the dog days of summer and hang out sitting in that cool air space for hours at a time – we actually got our pictures in the local newspaper once – just our legs poking through the water – we never saw the photographer. Unfortunately, this waterfall was just a few feet away from a relatively busy road which forced us to always wear bathing suits – there were some other places which we visited where we could go skinny dipping especially after dark, but the waterfall was not one of them.

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