Hiding An Erection

This blog was started to show that not all men desire what is depicted in the drawing. I will always defend that.

Ronnie recently posted this drawing. It is exactly what most male bottoms want to see – a female dominant relationship. I have zero objection to her posting it. I strongly object to the comments made about it.
While the drawing is a total turnoff for me and about 20% of men who like a hot bottom without even a whiff of punishment or discipline. We detest being put in the same box as those who do.
Some men only want to be spanked for real-life offenses and they experience pain, not sexual excitement.
Hermione, by her choice of moniker seems to want us to think she is a little brighter than the unwashed, was the first to make the uninformed claim that men with female dominants get a hard-on after a spanking. Actually, this group of men admits that they seldom get more than even semi-rigid, before or after a spanking and certainly not during. That contrasts with the much smaller group I am in who enjoy an erection from the get-go.
I probably would not have got my dander up if Hermione, Ella, etc. had any real-world experience spanking men. Always best to keep your opinions to yourself when you don’t have jack to back them up.

Hermione said…

What a cute apron! It’s probably hiding his erection:)


21 OCTOBER 2019 AT 14:00

Ella said…

Hermione’s comment was spot on! Thanks for the pic, Ronnie.

Hugs Across the Pond,

Aimless Rambling said…

I agree that Hermione’s comment is probably spot on.

Is OBB Back?

We are not committed to regular posting. You may see something from time-to-time. I have a medical problem, which was exasperated by a staph infection. I spent 10 days in the hospital. The day before I was to go home I had kidney stones. That was more fun.

I am sure you can appreciate that we have zero interest in spanking and sex right now. I have about zero energy, always fatigued. I have begun an 11-month infusion regime. I am informed it will be 3-4 months until any results will be manifested.

Waterfalls – In the south we have two types of waterfalls. Smaller versions of Niagra and minor stream ones, which by late spring are seldom more than trickles. The water temp is usually icy, but welcome after hiking to one.

I have never seen a waterfall like this one. Have you? If so where?

Pictures of “Heidi” are always of interest to me.

I hope you have a good week.