I don’t see any need to expand on that.

I’ll bet they have this pillow too.

Nothing new about spankings, they happened even back when kitchen appliances were avocado and women thought frizzy hair was attractive.

This is a hoax picture, there is no such town.

9 thoughts on “Foolishness”

  1. The third clip of the vintage spanking.
    That’s a clip from an old Nu-west movie called “The Poker Game”. One of the corniest spanking movies I ever watched.
    Two couples play poker and bet each other. Of course the loser gets spanked.
    In the full version everyone gets to spankings each other but you can’t find the full version anywhere anymore free on the web, only the edited version of the men spanking the women.
    I believe it’s from the 70’s.

  2. I agree, quite lame. The only part I really like is when the women have their panties taken down
    The preparation always does something for me.

  3. On the Rx’s for Life’s Woes, agree also with the order of the list.
    I like how the pillow shows just an inch of her other lips.
    So glad Nu-West got this ball rolling. Think Dr Phil or other TV show pundits will feature spanking?

    1. Liberal shows like Dr.Phill, The View, Ellen would only get into spankings if they feel a need to “woke” the audience. Not diverse enough for them although behind the scenes I vision them all doing it.

      The only daytime show that even came close to it was a few years back when Bethany Frankel had a talk show on.
      However on radio talk shows I’ve the subject discussed many times.

      1. Would disagree on The View. They are a bunch of post-hysterectomy, menopausal’s with dried out vaginas who screech to release their frustration. Society would benefit if they got their relief from a really solid and thorough paddling. Then possibly a really hard pvssy-pounding fvck after the paddling. If one could get enough KY up their dried out gashes.
        Ellen is a really good at sarcasm. As the saying goes; is anyone good at sarcasm good for anything else? Could you imagine how bludgeoned her bottom would be if she received one lick from the Teacher’s Paddle for every smart-ass quip she made each day?

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